Monday, May 16, 2016

Buzz Around The City

Here are a few notes of talk around some city races that are on the horizon.

By now you've all probably heard the word that Dee Margo, a former Republican state rep is going to run for Mayor. Forma once again is dusting off an old candidate and trying to resuscitate their career. Sorry but he might be loaded and all, but too many people remember he's a Republican. Yes it's a non-partisan race, but he has to wear the GOP brand all over him.

I just don't see how even Forma thinks he's viable. 

Personally I wonder if Shapleigh would come out of retirement to whack Dee Margo around one more time. Vindication from the EPISD scandal isn't a bad jumping-off point for a campaign. 

There is also talk of Ted Houghton taking a stab at running for mayor, which would also be interesting.

Since Emma Acosta isn't viable, never has been to be honest, but much less so now that she's and Noe are so closely connected to Tommy Gonzalez and Larrt Romero, you wonder if there are any Latino candidates that would step up.

Speaking of council, there is already buzz about who are replacing the candidates that are termed out. Perhaps the most interesting buzz around has been former El Paso Mayor John Cook talking about possibly making a run for his old city council seat. He apparently believes he has the ability to serve at least one more term.

He would join Sam Morgan as another person considering a run for the northeast seat.

There is one other person who is considering a run in the northeast who I think would be extremely well positioned if they ran but they haven't come to a decision yet, but there is still time so I'll circle back to that topic once a decision has been made.

In District 3 to replace Acosta, I know of two really exceptional candidates that are weighing their options and then Jaime Barceleau. 

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