Friday, May 20, 2016

County Documents Reveal Serious Issues with Siria Rocha

According to documents obtained through an Open Records Request, County Tax Assessor Collector Candidate Siria Rocha was apparently reprimanded for several serious issues, including something she accused her opponent of doing in multiple pieces of campaign material, while she was an employee at the County. 

A resident of El Paso County, Joachim Schalk, requested documents relating to reprimands of Siria Rocha while she was an employee of the County of El Paso.

Rocha was allegedly reprimanded for issues relating to asking an employee to check a license plate for her personal use, misuse of county resources, job performance failures, sending sexually explicit emails, her behavior with co-workers, and ironically, campaigning and soliciting contributions on county time. 

The 56 page documents contains several “exhibits” including emails containing pictures showing both males and females in various stages of nudity, male and female genitalia, and one photo of a male performing fellatio on himself allegedly sent on the County of El Paso email system. 

I will do a more in-depth post later, but this is an absolute crisis for the Rocha campaign because it highlights the fact that Rocha has made campaigning on County time her biggest issue knowing full well that she had been reprimanded for not only campaigning on County time, but for soliciting campaign funds. 

In a statement release to The LionStar Blog Rocha stated the following:  

"Its true that in my youth I made some mistakes, like we all do, and I acknowledge them. Forwarding jokes is something that probably every viewer or reader of this story has done at some point. In the lens of almost two decades later, I see that it was poor judgement that is typical of someone in their 20’s. 

I think most voters will see this for what it is, my opponent is attempting to distract from his own mishandling of public tax dollars so that he can park in the shade. 

This is a sad reflection of Ruben Gonzalez and indicative of the win-at-any-cost attitude of my opponent. 

The people of El Paso deserve better."

CAUTION: The link contains not only the documents in question but it also contains sexually explicit material. Proceed at your own risk. 

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