Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Election Day

No predictions other than to say that two of the three major local races will be really close. 

The Tax Assessor race doesn't seem like it will be close but truth be told, that race was over a long time ago. The wrong campaign got tapped and there were several really big and expensive mistakes.

That was a winnable race too. A reflection of the campaign team as much as anything else. 

Unless Rocha somehow pulls out a miracle. 

In the DA race, what can I say that you don't already know? An incumbent in a run-off is usually in trouble and almost never win. If the DA retains his seat, it will be the campaign effort of the last decade, if not longer.

Right now, Rosales had a lot of advantages and the race was hers to lose the minute she made a run-off. 

For the 8th Court of Appeals I'll be straight up with you all, I voted for Palafox.

Ramirez just does not have the temperament or respect for due process during her time as a municipal judge, to have earned my vote.

But I've gotten more touches from Ramirez. She's the ONLY candidate to have block-walked me and I have received more mail from her. Since that is a race no one cares about, it's likely that her strategy was effective. 

It'll be interesting what early voting numbers look like.


Anonymous said...

well everyone worked hard. Those politicians need to be thanked. its not easy running for office & pleasing the voters. God bless them all. Congrats to the winners.

Thomas said...

Oh yes let us thank our D.A. on his win,corruption in EL Paso government has nothing to fear for four more years. And the band played on!