Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Former City Rep Lily Now Political Operative

According to one community activist, former City Rep Ann Morgan Lily has been acting as a political operative in an effort to garner public support for embattled city manager Tommy Gonzalez, apparently going so far as to encourage and prepping people to speak during public comment against newly-elected City Rep Jim Tolbert and in favor of Gonzalez. 

Lily has also been making a series of public information requests lately, again in an apparent effort to shore up support for Gonzalez. 

"She called me and told me to talk bad about Jim...she really wants Tommy to keep his job...when I found out he (Tolbert) used to be a priest and is a really good person, I changed my mind and didn't speak bad about him, but she (Lily) was trying to get me to..." swim community activist Sarah Garcia stated in a phone interview yesterday.

"They played me for their own agenda because they knew how much I cared about getting the pool." she went on to say.

Garcia has been a pivotal member of the swimming community that has lobbied very hard to ensure that the flagship pool that was part of the Quality of Life bond that was passed by voters in 2012 is completed and funded properly. 

The immediate question people will have is, what's in it for Lily? 

Apparently Garcia has been approached and manipulated by several political figures in addition to Lily. Garcia indicated that Jeremy Jordan, former legislative aide to City Rep Niland has also worked her over pretty good. 

Garcia's understanding of the Quality of Life bonds was based on the explanation of Jeremy Jordan. During our phone interview it became abundantly clear that, if Garcia's account of her conversations with Jordan is accurate, that Jordan either straight-out lied to her or gave her information that was completely slanted to the point of not even being rooted in fact. 

What I can't figure out is all this angst aimed at Tolbert. In addition to the alleged effort on the part of Ann Morgan Lily on his very first day, current City Rep Michiel Noe also gave Tolbert a bit of a chinga-su-madre to his new colleague. During Tolbert's swearing in, Noe was the only member of council I could see to not give Tolbert a standing ovation following his swearing in. 

Obviously Noe isn't obligated to do so, but he seems to be the only member of council that is actively trying to take shots at his colleagues. 

He posted a negative article about his colleague on his Facebook page the other day. Trust me, there are no shortage of negative articles about members of city council over the last couple of years, but no matter how intense things have gotten on council, I've never seen any of them, except Noe, break decorum to the extent Noe has by sharing a negative article about a council rival.

Let me give you all a measuring stick.

Remember the whole I-don't-want-to-sit-next-to-her situation a couple of years ago between Limón and Niland? It got pretty bad between them. 

But I don't recall either of them trying to trash their colleagues on social media. Not sure what is going on with that guy but since he's termed out and will never be on a ballot again, I guess he no longer cares about decorum. But he still has quite a bit of time on council with his new colleague, doesn't seem wise to start things off that way.

Maybe its because both Noe and Lily are big supporters of Gonzalez and Tolbert filed the ethics complaint. 

I guess it leaves us all wondering just how much more intense its going to get on council. Just when you thought it couldn't get more dysfunctional and embarrassing right?

Noe kidding.


Anonymous said...

Sara Garcia seems to equate being a priest with being a good person. She obviously knows nothing about Tolbert. He plays dirty Byrd politics. He will lie to get his way and doesn’t like it when he doesn’t. He has a lot of people fooled but not for long.

The Lion Star said...

If you're going to make a comment like that, be specific. Give examples of just exactly what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

I'll give specifics if Sara Garcia, your example, will give specifics on why Tolbert is "really a good person." Being an former Episcopal priest doesn't make you a good person.

The Lion Star said...

She's not asking you for details.

I am.

Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll play. For one,Tolbert got elected using malicious attacks on the previous District 2 rep, business owners in the district and the City Manager. That's also called character assassination. It's Lesson 1 in the chapter on how to get elected from Susie Byrd's playbook. Trying to destroy other people with inuendo is not an honest way to get elected. Did you miss Tolbert's dirt slinging? Well just look at his political blog -- oh wait, you can't because he removed it when he started to run as the ex-priest, nice candidate.

C.D. said...

El Paso made a huge mistake on City Manager.

You need someone who will use the El Paso job as the capstone of a career. You need someone who doesn't want to make friends with anyone and doesn't care what the public thinks about him. You need someone from a mid-sized city in a corruption resistant part of the country.

In short, El Paso should have hired a qualified, old, white guy.

The Lion Star said...

You're kidding right? Telling the truth about Romero, he's little business cartel he did favors for, and an inept City Manager makes Tolbert a bad guy????

You're shitting me right?

Strike one.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, I couldn't help but burst out laughing at "Anonymous" and his attacks on Tolbert. I mean, when Anonymous says that Mr. Toblert's used "Malicious Attacks on Romero," I mean, this guy's gotta be kidding, right?

Tolbert just told the truth, and it sounds like "Anonymous" is actually Larry Romero who wrote this piece, perhaps sitting in his Ropa Usada painted storefront, or one of his ever-zealous family members eager to defend Romero's integrity. This even though Romero is one of the biggest douche bags that I've ever met.

Need I say more about these "malicious attacks?"
1. Romero takes out a roundabout in his district without proper vetting.
2. Romero paves the alley of the Pershing Inn and the Italian Kitchen.
3. Romero paves his own street on Polk.
4. Romero goes without any authorization to put in place his old employer, that handle the Bonds for ELP.
5. Romero introduces his old employer to the Water Dept. without full disclosure.
6. Romero has his brother John set up Tommy Gonzalez' LLC--even though John is just a bookeeper. Not a CPA. Not an attorney.
7. Romero does Gonzalez' Income Tax for "only" $100?
8. Romero's more deserving constituent streets don't get paved because Romero's own street and his cronies streets were paved instead.
9. Romero goes OUT of his District 2 to get the Cathedral Speed Bumps put in
10. Romero refuses to meet with the media or accept personal responsibility when all of these things were coming to light. Instead, he attacked the EP Times and said, "We deserve Better."
11. Romero is running out of time at Christmas, so announces he's had a stroke and won't be able to work. Because of HIPAA, no one--especially the media can question his doctor or look at Romero's health records.
12. Romero continues to collect a city paycheck even though he's "sick" but still working at his office on Montana St. The Ropa Usada painted one.
13. Romero is spotted in Augusta,GA at the Masters even though he's "Sick" and can't work. Yet, he continues to collect his City of El Paso Paycheck.
14. Because of Romero's shenanigan's, a special election has to be called.
15. Romero remains defiant and petulant and said he won't stop collecting his unearned money because his fellow council members missed meetings.
15. Tolbert wins by a mile, but Anonymous/Romero whines about it.

I mean, this is should have given Anonymous 3 Strikes on their hit piece. Character Assassination? No, The Truth. Hard and Cold.

"We Deserve Better!!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey AS and JA

I won’t play your and Tolbert’s game of insults and character assignation. I’m not attacking Tolbert. I’m holding him accountable for the accusations he made. Tolbert didn’t tell the truth. He published fiction and filed an “ethics complaint,” which the City by law must look into. Most of Tolbert’s complaints focused on the “Plan” for resurfacing streets. Council approved the “Plan” in 2012 but the data was up to 8 years old. For example, the alley behind Pershing Inn, Dona Lupe, Italian Kitchen and 2 other businesses had been in horrible shape for over 10 years. This may be an alley but it functions as a street because the majority of people going to these businesses park in lots that are accessed from the alley. Even before Susie Byrd took office the business owners had asked the city to pave the alley. The City never repaired it. Finally, Mr. Romero moved a years old request to the top of the list. What happens? Mr. Tolbert, who portrays himself as a nice person who wants to represent District 2, doesn’t talk to any of the business owners on that block. Mr. Tolbert calls the business owners corrupt, and says they paid off Mr. Romero. I know, AS thinks the same thing but it’s absolutely not true. Anyone can demonize another person as Mr. Tolbert did to Mr. Romero. Or as the other bloggers do to JA. Sure, we all have faults but name-calling and character assassination accomplish nothing. I could go on and respond to every point AS listed but really don’t have time. No, I am not Mr. Romero. No, I am not attacking Mr. Tolbert. I am only holding Mr. Tolbert accountable for what he has said.

The Lion Star said...

The city is not required to forward the complaint to the ethics commission if it's deemed frivolous or without merit.

A couple of been declined. So the fact that it went to the commission, and there were findings, and he acknowledged them, renders your point about Tolbert meaningless.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Anonymous or "Larry Romero," conveniently forgot to mention how Romero signed the Letter of Reprimand. So, he admitted Guilt! And, the City Ethics Commission found Tommy Gonzalez guilty today!

Romero's legacy is one of a Shyster and a Con Man.....