Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just For Funsies...

I hate it when amateurs try to get ahead by bad mouthing people who actually know what they are doing.

At the White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend the President made a joke about some people not polling high enough to merit their own joke.

Well the President is a better person than I. I personally LOVE to confront my haters. Especially because most of the time in person they are too chicken shit to say a word to me.

Like Hector Montes for example. 

But Hector is a post for another day. Along with the campaign he's consulting for in secret.

Where was I? Oh yeah, amateur hour.

So there's this wanna-be operative who's claim to fame is alleging she was a part of Forma group at one point and using that to get work as a block walker.

Well she wasn't.

She's block-walked for a couple campaigns. She's not a strategist. She's not a guru.

She's a canvasser, at best. She's a good name-dropper, I'll give her that.

But you know what she's not good at?

Voting in the primary. Seriously you work for campaigns and get work as some sort of consultant for campaigns and you can't even help your own cause by voting? Jesus Christ. 

Stick to phone banking...


Anonymous said...

Why is Max P so obsessed with you? He is like a puppy begging for your attention
Throw him a bone please

The Lion Star said...

Yeah I know. Fuck him. And fuck Paredes too. As much as they hate me their blogs might as well be an extension of mine considering how often I'm the topic of everyone else's blog.

But Ali is special. He's a duplicitous two-faced muther fucker no one who knows him can stand. Which is between he and then, but the dumb hipster shouldn't throw rocks when everything about him is basically a lie.

He's the asshole that will talk shit but won't say a word if he is the same room and will likely leave as quickly as he can.

Like Hector Montes.

Anonymous said...

Wanna-be who keeps a copy of every text and email exchange of every candidate she associates with...but they never learn.