Friday, May 6, 2016

Only in Socorro...

So last night at the Socorro City Council Meeting there was supposed to be a presentation of the investigation into how Councilman Cox got roads paved on a street he has property on without disclosing it to council. 

But that didn't happen.

Cox has yet to take a deposition. He indicated that he was instructed by his attorney to not do the deposition.

So when he was asked by council who his attorney was, he refused to say who it was. 

Which sounds suspiciously like he doesn't really have an attorney. 

As if that wasn't silly enough, he then later agrees to do the deposition today. 

So first his lawyer tells him not to do it, the lawyer he won't name, and then he agrees to do the deposition without consulting this magical lawyer?

It's like the revived the political ghost of Jesse Gandara.

Only in Socorro...

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