Monday, May 2, 2016

Six of Eight D2 Candidates Don't Comply with Campaign Finance Rules

Its somewhat surprising, through it shouldn't be considering this is El Paso, that six of the eight candidates to replace City Rep Larry Romero who had an ethics complain filed against him, are themselves not compliant with campaign finance reporting rules. Or at least it appears so based on this screen shot.

Abraham Monteros, Gordan Thatcher, Angel Del Toro, Rene Abilez, Cemelli de Aztlán, and David Nevarez all failed to file an 8-Day report with the City Clerk's Office.

You can file on-line so the Clerk's Office doesn't need to be open to file the report. Its possible they were filed (they are time/date stamped) and haven't been posted by Richarda Momsen's office.

So bear that in mind.

But at a time when the electorate obviously has trust issues with their elected officials you'd think the candidates would be doing everything they can to comply with transparency rules. Particularly those that deal with campaign finance.

Jim Tolbert and Dolores Baca were the only two of the candidates to file a report. Baca reported no money in and no money out.

Tolbert reporting $3,400 in political contributions. His expenses totaled $5,156.38 with $5,146.19 cash on hand.

Tolbert's notable contributions include $2,000 from Woody Hunt, $250 from Ted Houghton and $200 from Dr. Richard Bonart.

About $1800 of Tolbert's contributions have gone to field operations run by Edgewise Enterprises, LLC. That is Chris Hernandez, the same field guy that was used by Josh Dagda's campaign against City Rep Cortney Niland.

Niland narrowly defeated Dagda in the last round of municipal elections and now Dagda is consulting with Tolbert's main campaign rival Cemelli De Aztlán.

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