Thursday, May 5, 2016

Socorro's Cox Investigation Complete

The investigation into a street paving scheme involving embattled Councilman Sergio Cox is complete.

It is on the agenda for tonight's meeting at city council chambers on Rio Vista in Socorro. 

And if I'm reading the agenda correctly, it looks like they may be ready to move forward with action against Cox depending on the findings.

As you may recall, questions have arisen regarding why certain streets were paved despite having almost no traffic. Cox has a financial interest in one of the properties located on the street in question.

Several Socorro city residents are even raising questions as to how those roads ended up in the inventory of the City of Socorro in the first place because I'm the not-so-distant past, they belonged to private owners.

Given the fact that Cox tried to resign as part of a deal during the last special meeting it would not surprise me if he resigned, was recalled, or removed based on the findings of the investigation.

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