Thursday, May 19, 2016

When Your Lit Comes Back to Haunt You

For those of you that don't know, written campaign material that you get at a polling place, mailed to your home or left on your door is referred to as "lit". 

Short for "literature", which is a bit misleading because they often aren't finely crafted prose.

I was all set to write about the negative piece the Yvonne Rosales campaign sent that landed in mailboxes yesterday against her opponent, incumbent District Attorney Jaime Esparza until I saw the piece sent out by Ruben Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is in the runoff and he's facing Siria Rocha for the Tax Assessor Collector seat Gonzalez was appointed to by Commissioners Court.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "gacho"!

Here's a look at the English version of the piece. I was sent the Spanish version, probably because I live in the valley.

I point this piece out because it's an example of how if you aren't careful, sometimes your lit becomes a boomerang. 

A while back I wrote about something that I TOLD you was going to come back to haunt Rocha. It was a major campaign screw up on the part of her consultant, Ernesto Bustillos. 

In the lit they were using, they implied that voting for Rocha would mean stopping tax hikes. 

That lit contained more bullshit than a farm in Fabens. 

The tax assessor office has zero to do with the tax rate. It's not just an exaggeration, mischaracterization, or wrongly phrased sentiment.

It's a straight up lie. 

Ultimately it's Rocha's mistake too because as she says of Gonzalez and his $10,000 expenditure just so the vato can park his nice truck in the shade, he ultimately is the person who signed off on it, even if it wasn't his idea. So she's guilty by the same rationale. 

Rocha and Bustillos recently sent out the negative mailer against Gonzalez. It's the one I called "capirotada". 

Here's a pic of Bustillos ordering capirotada.

The mailer tried to through everything negative but the kitchen sink into it. But the biggest problem with the piece is that it never said who to vote for or when.

And now, because of Bustillos huge tactical error in the lit, he has opened up his client to a negative piece that undermines her credibility. 

That mistake just got even worse because it gave Mike Apodaca something to hit Rocha on that will resonate with voters. 

So to put this in layman' terms, Bustillos had the lead by a touchdown, threw a pick-six and then fumbled the ensuing kickoff inside the 5 yard line and the other team recovered and have a chance to punch it in for the win as time expires.

Either way, that's a shitty way to lose the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

You teased about the Yvonne Rosales mailer. Do tell....

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Do tell about the Yvonne Rosales lit