Monday, June 13, 2016

Congratulations Are in Order for Reps Acosta & Noe

City Rep Emma Acosta and the City of El Paso are finalists for the prestigious Golden Padlock Award, a national award given by Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc. That is a non-profit entity dedicated to the improvement of investigative reporting.

They give an annual award called the Golden Padlock Award celebrating "the most secretive government agency or individual in the United States".

Turns out the City of El Paso and Rep Acosta made the final cut and the winner will be announced June 18th. 

Who knows, maybe Acosta will bring home the hardware for the City of El Paso. But Rep Noe and his Cold War era redaction of open records should get a modest share of that award. 

Follow this link to not only check up on who else she's up against, ( a little refresher of why she and the City of El Paso are nominated. They also mention the debacle of public information requested and (not) released to the El Paso Times. 

Don't worry, if by some strange reason she doesn't win, I'll go to Home Depot and pick up the biggest pad lock I can find, spray paint it gold, and present it to Acosta during a council meeting. I wouldn't want her to go unrecognized. 

"Most secretive agency or individual in the United States" will look great on a plaque, (or mail piece) don't you think?

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Manny said...

You will need two, one for Noe and one for Acosta.....Oh wait it'll have to be done in "secret" mode.