Friday, June 17, 2016

Letter to Delegates from Matthew Leahy

I apologize for the lateness of my decision to run for this position, especially to our new County Chair, in week i have tremendous faith and confidence in and I am not running because I have any issue with her or her ability to help guide our state's selection of great DNC members. She's the first person I told that I would run and she didn't even offer to discourage me and I appreciate that. I simply believe that, since she already has a great way to influence and lead our party in the right direction, we can afford to grant someone else this opportunity to stand for principles like the following and support those DNC at-large candidates that do as well.

1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, no matter her intentions, has not led the DNC forward and should be replaced at the earliest moment when a transition won't harm our chances of winning in November.

2. The DNC should create a special speakers bureau to help local parties raise money. Imagine how much more successful our annual spaghetti dinner would be with an exciting special guest that had his or her expenses paid for at no cost to our County Party. 

3. Hillary being the presumptive nominee should mean that her supporters are in the driver's seat at the national level. But let's remember that the Sanders crew, especially the young ones hould have a hand on the wheel as they learn the ropes. While we put the pedal to the metal towards a demolition derby with Trump in November. So let's reform our primaries to better educate and include a young, progressive movement while finding ways to place interested upcoming young campaign staffers in places we might not normally expect to find Democrats to begin planting BLUEbonnet seeds across Texas and other states.

To conclude, thought this isn't about resum├Ęs, I have had the privileged experience of leading several winning campaigns, most recently as Justice-elect Palafox's right hand in an area that's spans 17 West Texas counties, and I will vet candidates based on their knowledge of the issues challenging our progress in Texas and willingness to try new methods that can help move the party forward. Please support me if you support these ideas or ones like them that can make our party live up to its inclusive, democratic and progressive ideals.


Thomas said...

Believe the Sanders supporters should call out "The Hill" and her supporters on the massive election fraud that took place. Your party has some serious issues to election fraud that went down just in California. Some one in the Sanders camp needs to demand an explanation from the DNC leadership to how "The Hill" got all the super delegates before the election process even began.Jaime the DNC election process is looking pretty much to be a scam job. If this is not addressed many who became engaged with your party are going to just go back to not voting because they see the system is rigged.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says he is a douche but I met him once and he was not that obnoxious or annoying. Did he win his election?