Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pool Moms Push Tommy; Noe Doubles Down

So I heard there was going to be an "historic" press conference on Sunday about Tommy Gonzalez and the ethics commission.

Turns out the only thing historic about it was that its all stuff that has been said and done before, but its being pushed by some of the most out-of-touch people I can think of in El Paso...the soccer moms of the pool.

The pool moms are out to show that the community supports embattled city manager Tommy Gonzalez by trying to get 1000 signatures of support for Gonzalez. We are a population of close to 700,000 and some how 1000 is supposed to make it look like El Pasoans support Tommy Boy, huh.

Well good luck with that.

I'm guessing at least 800 of the 1000, assuming they even get 1000 in the first place, are going to be people that are connected to swim teams.

Let me explain why I am even writing this piece in the first place. The reason is, Tommy Gonzalez and his allies on council are trying to push the narrative that Tommy Boy is some city savior that is being crucified and they think he and Romero should've been spared instead of Barrabas.

The reality is that the pool moms sound so completely out of touch with this community while they are trying to save the reputation of Gonzalez. Wake up ladies, you live here. Tommy is gonna leave at some point and you guys are the ones that are going to be left here with his legacy. And trust me, that ain't a good thing.

The pool moms are all about themselves and their pet project, a gucci pool. What they don't realize is that other than upper-cruster westsiders, no one gives a shit about your gucci pool. Most people that use pools in El Paso use them to cool off in the summer.

So here's what I would like the pool moms to explain.

What good has Gonzalez actually done?

You see for all their talk about what Gonzalez has done (for them) they don't realize that it would be the job of ANY city manager to push through quality of life bond projects. Thats their fucking job. Its what they are supposed to do.

But this goes to the logic of the pool moms, Tommy Boy, and Reps Acosta and Noe - how can accomplishments be something Gonzalez gets credit for, but the city's many mistakes are something he never takes responsibility for?

Here's another one, for all of you calling for Joyce Wilson's head for $20 million (not that I disagree by the way), how come you are all silent about $50 million in lost funding under Tommy Boy?

Cue the crickets sound effect.

What is even more unbelievable is City Reps Noe and Acosta's very transparent attempt to try to undo or mitigate the Ethics Commission's action against their boy Tommy.

"I'm still not convinced he did anything wrong whatsoever", Noe told El Paso Inc reporter David Crowder in this article.

Didn't do anything wrong whatsoever? His former colleague and fellow Team Tommy Teammate Larry Romero ADMITTED to wrong-doing in his letter, and somehow the guy that facilitated what Romero admitted to has not done "anything wrong whatsoever"?

Is that a joke?

I'm expecting Noe, Acosta, and others to push forward with some way to undo the action taken by the Ethics Commission for their own individual political expediency.

It frankly boggles the mind that those two members of council don't see how bad of an idea that is.

In an op-ed from the Times, the paper hits the nail on the head about the majority of council not willing to deal with the shortcomings of Gonzalez and then specifically names names - Leeser, Acosta, Noe, Robinson, and Svarzbein.

There's not a single one of them that can realistically expect to attain higher office, or are termed out, which in my mind means they have an even greater responsibility to do all the good they can while they have the opportunity to do so.

David K and the rest of the people out there pushing this stupid idea that Gonzalez is somehow a great city manager and we are all luck to breath the same air as him should be honest about the fact that they all have a movida for supporting Gonzalez and if they didn't have one, they wouldn't be.

Gonzalez was supposed to clean house in the City's Engineering Department which is why the Karlsruhers are going to bat for Tommy. David K leaves that part in all his blog posts about me, but its the truth. They family business, because of the nature of their business, has to deal with the City Engineering Department.

Do the math. Connect the dots. Whatever you want to call it, but there's a reason you hear all this indignation from David K on the topic.

One last note for the swim moms. There's a reason people tune you out. You guys run around complaining about the "deplorable conditions" your kids have to swim in while you're completely blind to the fact that there are farmers that struggle to water their crops in this community and there are families that struggle with connecting to water and wastewater while you guys are complaining about how your pool isn't gucci enough for your standards.

Have you taken a look at what passes for a park in some places? Do you realize that there are dog parks that have better facilities than the conditions of parks some kids in this area have to play in?

So excuse us if your boo-whooing about gucci pools falls on deaf ears. Why don't you take your teams out to other areas of town that have parks that don't have trees or grass so that they can better grasp the term "deplorable conditions".


Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, Is it any wonder that there has and continues to be, a tremendous Brain Drain out of El Paso? Or, that the pathetic politicians continue to feather their own nest?

I mean Noe's comments?! WTF?! He appears to have his head up his ass, but is totally unaware.

As long as El Pasoan's continue to vote and elect politicians like Noe and Romero, ElP will continue to be a 3rd rate City. Is it any wonder that there is no:

1. Whole Foods
2. Trader Joes
3. Total Wine
4. Central Market
5. HEB
6. No REAL industry--other than coupon collection centers?

El Paso is isolated geographically but also mentally. The natives can beat their chest with pride about UTEP and Dr. Natalicio, but what else does it have going for it?

P.S. 1,000 signatures out of 700,000....?!?! WTF again!!! That is .00142 %,
7,000 signatures would be 1/10 of 1%. That is, if you could cut a penny into 10 pieces, one of those little pieces would be 1/10%. That's with 7,000! Now try to wrap your head around 1,000 signatures?! Incredibly Stupid, and doesn't reflect jack shit.

Willow the Gucci Swim Mom said...

1000 signatures out of 7,000 is about the equivalent of voter turnout in this village and it's probably every single one of those soccer- swim Gucci moms and their families (who also pay a shit load of property taxes), so why diminish it. And truth be told, maybe if our raza in those poor neighborhoods you and your Shapleighs-Escobar krewe love to clamor about when politically expedient actually voted, their kids wouldn't have to play in the dirt. So yeah, I get that Tommy is untrustworthy and unethical, but Where was/is your moral outrage when Wilson and your friends/benefactors Susie, Steve and others were screwing taxpayers and transparency? Really, are you any different than Favud K in your self/serving biases?

Anonymous said...

1,000 out of 700,000 gets you elected in Dumbfucistan. Didn't your little girl get elected in a total turnout of about 1,200? 1,000 soccer mom's or anyone is a pretty potent force in a city where no one gives a crap about anything, IMHO.

Jerry K

Anonymous said...

The Tommy Gonzalez supporters are either really delusional, very stupid, or like the swim mothers, David K and his mom, motivated out of self interest and personal gain. I guess they all conveniently choose to ignore that their hero ignored streets in terrible disrepair so that Romero's streets (which were in better shape than those at the top of the list) could be moved up the line. What did he get out of it? A nice $60,000 raise that his crony, Romero, put on the agenda. And then there's the speed humps, which were put in on a street that didn't need them, just so he could please Romero again. They were taken out for the big city slide thing, put back in, then taken back out. What a waste of taxpayer money. And then there's the fact that Tommy gutted Engineering and it's still a mess, one year later. The City lost tens of millions of dollars in transporation money, can't get its act together on quality of life projects, making that money close to worthless, and the council is the embarassment of the decade. In the Inc. article, Noe claims that Tommy has a distinguished career. What a crock! This guy was recycled from other cities in Texas that got rid of him for the same unethical behavior that he's infected El Paso with. Noe knows that. Those clippings were in his packet when he hired him. They hired him anyway. This Council reminds me of the EPISD board that was in denial about Lorenzo Garcia. Garcia had his loyal soldiers. Staff had pep rallies for him, community leaders came out in support of him, and the EPISD board hid behind all of that and did nothing while the district rotted in corruption. Noe is leading the charge because Tommy is doing the same favors for him that he did for Romero. It's a cozy quid pro quo with Tommy getting protection and cover, and Noe getting his dirty deals.

TheEYEofELP said...

Listen Jaime: The Soccer Moms NEED that Gucci Pool (with an upper case "G") because they consider themselves Upper Crust. Unfortunately, soccer parents can't afford membership at the local country clubs! Soccer is an expensive sport. The "one-upsmanship" of being a soccer mom rises with every trip to the mall!
If they want a pool, they get a pool. After all, we cannot expect these women to let their kids swim with the ordinary at the public pools.
IF and WHEN the CEO of the Soccer Moms ask for government funding to install a bronze statue of Suzie Bryd next to the pool, we have something to complain about...until then...we're suck it up!

Note to Jerry K.: "Dumbfukistan"....good one! I tip my hat to you!