Friday, June 17, 2016

SDEC Race Takes Center Stage at Dem Convention

Since Bernie Sanders lost I really didn't see a need for me to attend the convention, but once I remembered the SDEC races were going in, I immediately regretted it. For those of you there, this is a post for you.

The Party's wanna be power couple Othon Medina and Dr Anna Perez are both running for SDEC. 

You should vote against both of them and I'll tell you why.

Both of them are Tea-janos and are more concerned with what they believe is a little bit of power with titles rather than actually doing anything for the Party. And frankly for far too long the Party has been run by people who essentially just show up to club meetings but don't do anything else. I don't recall the last Party leader other than Mike Apodaca, that actually did campaign work for the Party.

I don't even think Medina and Perez can even login to VAN and I don't ever recall seeing them knock on a door or pick up a phone and engage a voter. Sure they go to Teajano meetings, but that's because it's their little county club clika.

Speaking of Apodaca, it was Othon Medina who was behind trying to oust the only guy in the Party that works and he had Perez do his dirty work at a CEC meeting.

So let's start with Perez. She and her gentleman friend Medina have been torturing everyone in the Party with endless rambling emails about their personal lives in an effort to get votes from the delegates. 

No one gives a shit.

But I almost fell out of my chair when I read this email from Perez:

Respect, responsibility and responsiveness? Is that a joke?

They respect anyone who agrees with them and no one else. And frankly she damn sure doesn't respect rules. 

I personally witnessed her trying to subvert the rules at the county convention. And she was treasurer of the Tea-Janos Andover almost lost track of how many reporting rules they've broken.

Her opponent is Lyda Ness-Garcia. Lyda is smart and though. More importantly, she's the only one talking about the VALUES of the Democratic Party and fighting for them. That is the kind of leadership we need, not someone looking to exclude as many people as possible. And Lyda has actually campaigned. She's done FAR more for the Party than Perez.

Let's move on to Medina.

Seriously, it would blow my mind of this guy won. He fights with EVERYBODY! 

While I'm at it, let me remind you all that at the last convention he had to be removed from the stage.

For the first time ever the Texas Democratic Party had a brown chairman. Instead of supporting him, Medina was openly critical of him to anyone that would listen to him. Hell even if you didn't want to listen to him, you still had to put up with his shit.

He's way too abrasive to represent our community. 

His letters are especially funny because he highlights the fact that he's in his 80's and usually out of the country. To me, he sounds too busy to takenthenjib seriously. 

I actually took the time to read all of his emails. He tries really hard to sound like he's "one of us" but it's really hard to talk about a humble upbringing when you rub in the fact that you're wealthy and own a yacht.

His opponent is Antonio Williams. Another young, smart, and capable candidate. Antonio is one of the few of us young Obama kids that are still around and active in the Party 8 years later. He's an immigration lawyer. The vato lives the Party values. 

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