Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Straight-Shooter" Indeed

Shame on me for not noticing this sooner, but its funny and I can't let it go without comment.

If you recall, Tom Buchino is a candidate for sheriff and I posted his cheesy internet video where he fires off a few rounds from his pistol to demonstrate how he's a "straight shooter".

Doesn't actually show if he is a straight shooter or not, but I guess that is beside the point.

So lets talk about being a straight shooter shall we?

I've seen a few of his signs around town and if you see a white pick-up with the logo all over it, that is the EPSOA Union Boss Sgt Horstman. Looks good on his truck to be honest.

But if you look at his logo:

What do you notice?

Well its not what is there. Its what is NOT there.

Mr. Straight Shooter forgets to mention his party affiliation. Buchino is a Republican but he doesn't include it on his signs.

Frankly, its pretty smart. In a general election in which Donald Trump is going to ensure that there is an increase in turnout because Latinos hate the guy, it makes sense to not mention you're a Republican.

I mean voters are going to see it on the ballot when they vote, so he's still screwed, but his strategy makes sense. Except that you can't HIDE your party affiliation and call yourself a straight shooter at the same time.

Its disingenuous.

Next we will talk about something on his website that caught my eye.

Its gonna be even harder for Buchino to hide from the GOP label when he uses campaign rhetoric similar to Donald Trump. Here's a screenshot from his website.

The anti-political correctness was all fine and dandy during the primary when the Republicans were doing their ritual of trying to out-stupid and out-bigot each other, but its a whole other ball game in the general.

Especially in Blue El Paso.

Everyone reading "I believe political correctness must take a back seat to the protection of our citizens" will know that is Republican dog-whistle for an anti-immigrant stance.

I guess it makes sense now why the Samaniego's are endorsing him.

Yeah, I said it...Y Que?

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