Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trollies in El Paso!

As you know, so many people are really excited about the trollies coming back to El Paso.

Not really, most people are just annoyed at all the construction that is bogging the downtown area.

I'm trying really hard to care about this project, and I want to think its gonna be a great thing for El Paso, but the more I think about it, the more it annoys me.

Its an incredibly expensive project that will transport relatively few people. Its another hipster feel-good project, but when you look at who really uses public transit on a regular basis you'd understand why I'm annoyed.

There is no practical reason that the BRIO was done on the westside before other parts of town but we all know why it was done first.

Alameda should've been the priority because the valley has more public transit users than other part of town, but this town routinely ignores this part of town.

And so why many of you may genuinely be excited about the trolly, I get annoyed because I go down Alameda every day and there are very few bus stops with shade.

I see the riders, mostly women - seniors or moms with small children, having to face the heat without shade and I think about the obscene amount of money spent on the frivolity of the trolly that only goes from UTEP to the border. Think about how many shaded bus stops that money would buy.

But those moms and little old ladies aren't as cool as hipsters right?


Jarvis Drakovic said...

Why such a dishonest post Jaime?

If you had looked up anything to do with the Brio you would know that the one and only reason that Mesa was done ahead of Alameda was money. Specifically the feds came through with money sooner than expected and the City couldn't turn them down right when they were trying to get this thing off the ground.

Originally the Alameda Brio was going to be first and it was going to be 100% City funded. Then the Feds would kick in a big chunk of $$ for the other three lines. Then we actually got lucky and the Feds straight up offered us the money we wanted sooner than we thought we would get it and we said "hell yeah we'll take it!"

There is no cockamamie conspiracy to deny the folks who would benefit from Alameda. Unfortunately to do Mesa they had to push back Alameda because the City just doesn't have enough people to put multiple projects like that together all at the same time. Alameda lost out on time but it gave the City a chance to go back and ask the Feds for money for Alameda now so hopefully we won't have to pay for 100% of it now. That seems like a good thing.

No one at the City or in Sun Metro has anything against the Alameda corridor. Heck I've been to several community meetings and Sun Metro is always very positive about the Alameda corridor because it has such a large ridership. Sun Metro lives and dies by it's ridership numbers so they don't look down at Alameda at all.

Of course that makes me wonder where you're coming from. Are you that uninformed and if so why didn't you just ask someone about it or are you just trying to score points for someone who has it out for the City and if so, why are you trying to screw with our city? Slinging crap like that just makes people freak out and it hurts those of us who rely on public transportation or parks or any other other things that the City does for the residents. No they aren't perfect but I really don't see how you came up with this Brio post. You can easily find the truth about the Brio if you look or if you even go talk to folks at Sun Metro so I'm pretty disappointed in you man.

The Lion Star said...

I'm not uninformed and it's pretty telling that in all your self-righteousness about how Alameda not being the priority was somehow good for the residents in the area, of which I am one, you didn't address the central point.

Let me remind you what it was. It's shitty that we have a fucking trolley project while Alameda shaded bus stops, you know, the area of town that uses Sun Metro the most, has a scarcity of shade.

Hate to break it to you pal, but I actually use public transit from time-to-time, so the only agenda I have is to get some fucking shade in the area of town that uses it the most. You can change the subject all you want to but all it tells me is that you don't care about the actual PEOPLE who used public transit.

Ouisa said...

Not only that, but what is the convenience factor? It's not like there are high end shops along the route.... Or malls and a Riverwalk....

Augustus Snodgrass said...

I Still remember when the city buses were all painted were the Trambillas to Juarez and back. #2 Mesita serviced the Jews and Anglos on the West Side -- were the newest and most modern. Air conditioned even, with 2 exits--Front and Back. The crappy #5 Government Hill--with one front exit and NO A/C served the rest of " The Mexicans." Same as #4 William Beaumont. What else has changed? I can still hear the sounded like an old man sighing when they stopped and started.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of people feel that the trolley will bring business to their shops. Ya an empty trolley. What a waste of $$$$.