Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trying in Vain to Make Margo Viable

It's no surprise that Ali Razavi is taking shots at Ted Houghton, who may or may not run for mayor, because as we all know, Ali is Forma's bitch.

He does what he's instructed to by Forma in order to try to create a narrative. The purpose is to try to damage Houghton as much as they can because they are likely to be the consultants for Dee Margo's bid for mayor.

And Ali has been doing Forma's bidding to try to prop up Margo for years. You see when he wasn't stabbing his own boss in the back to spread bad shit about her to media WHILE HE WAS WORKING FOR HER, he was doing Forma's bidding online going back to the second Margo-Moody campaign.

Maybe he was upset that Chavez had him play taxi driver, or walk HD while the mutt pooped on the capitol lawn and clean up after the dog, or because she made him fetch her food from lobbyists and Dr Peppers. Who knows.

What is most interesting is the idea that Dee Margo is a viable candidate for mayor to begin with.

Sure, its a non-partisan race. But what people apparently misunderstand, most especially Libertarians and Republicans, is that El Paso is a town of Democratic values. As much as folks might like to think otherwise, El Pasoans aren't stupid and don't just vote Democratic because their ancestors did. You're insulting the electorate you're hoping will support you when you say stupid shit like that. The reality is, El Pasoans prefer Democratic Party values. There's no way around that.

Yes, in general the electorate of municipal races tends to be more conservative than other elections, but they are still very much in the minority. How in the world does Forma plan to overcome the fact that Dee Margo is known as the main Republican bad guy in town?

It would take a level of re-branding that is unheard of to try to make that guy viable. Obviously there is too much unknown right now to even calculate how to make the rebranding happen. First of all, because their job would be a whole lot easier to rebrand Margo if he was in a field of old white guys. But that isn't likely.

Plus, the negatives against Margo are a lay-up. Way too easy to highlight and remind voters about.

Now personally I don't recall ever having met Ted Houghton, so I honestly can't say what I think about the guy. I only know what he's done. El Paso has a lot more infrastructure now and Houghton is a big reason why. Hell I don't even know if Houghton is a Republican, but if he is, he's not synonymous with the word like Margo is to El Pasoans.

Maybe Ali is upset because Houghton didn't tip him when Chavez had him play taxi for him, or maybe he is upset because Houghton ignored him like everyone else in Austin did, but whatever it is it seems directed by Forma.

But Forma's biggest problem is that Margo is El Paso's answer to Donald Trump. And it will take a really long time to redefine someone who even shares the same first name as Trump.

Yes, Donald is his real first name.

Gotta love the irony.


Anonymous said...

Mar go has never said Racist, disgusting things like Trump has. The comparison is out of line.

The Lion Star said...

Well I was referring to wealthy businessman who says silly things to get elected. I never said anything about racist comments, you added that.

But hey, since you brought it up, who do you think Margo is supporting for President? Any doubt its Trump?

Thomas said...

Margo has zero chance of winning a election for Mayor in El Paso. Hell even Acosta could spank Margo with easy in such an election. Ali and his bunch of spineless cowards followers are delusional. Jaime even Niland could soundly beat Margo in such an election and she has almost zero chance of winning a Mayoral election in El Paso. What we would like some of these Margo supporting idiots to show us a major piece of original legislation Margo came up with while in office that brought home the bacon to El Paso. The problem is they can't! Oh they want to point to the great job Margo did running the board at EPISD which has be shown to be pretty much a failure and do not even begin to point out how Margo tried to feather his and his good buddies nest while there.
Sorry to tell a few brain dead in El Paso it takes more than the west side to get some one elected as Mayor in El Paso.
Sorry any one using Ali to try and sway an election in El Paso would have to be a total moron.
Ali needs to stay with selling cheap Chinese solar cells because even those in El Paso who use him do not trust Ali to hire him straight out on to their staff. They know Ali is a gutless,spineless,worm turd not to be trusted.
With all the love to Max!