Friday, July 15, 2016

El Paso PD's Problem with Censorship

Frankly, I'm tired of talking about Chief Allen. You either think what he did was right or you think what he said was wrong.

But what I'm writing about is now separate from the Chief Allen controversy and is something someone in a leadership should absolutely do something about. 

Its the level of censorship being applied by a publicly funded entity - namely the El Paso Police Department. 

If you recall the other day I wrote about how PD's twitter page and social media was quick to put down dissent. I was blocked merely for raising opposition to comments made by the Chief and you can go check out the screen shots that show a sample of what I was tweeting on the previous post. 

I wasn't obnoxious, disrespectful, or belligerent. I even posted screen shots of other people that were blocked from the department's twitter page as well for seemingly no reason other than being critical of the Chief.

I obviously had questions about the department blocking members of the public. Its not that I don't think they lack the right to do so, I just wanted to know under what circumstances, who made the call, what policy governed it (if anyone).

The first time I was blocked it was using my @TheLionStarBlog twitter handle. But I have another, @ThatVatoJaime that I use for personal stuff. Mostly about boxing and other sports. 

So I used my personal account to send this tweet in which I asked the basic questions that I wanted to know. As you can see I did so this morning. 

Here's what their page looked like shortly after I sent the tweet with questions:

I figured they were busy and it would take a while to get back to me and the answers to my questions so I figured I would check back in with them again a little later in the day. Again, the tweet I sent to PD was just about policy. 

I didn't mention Allen, I wasn't critical of anyone, I didn't mention Black Lives Matter, and I was belligerent. 

And surprise, surprise... guess what happened?

Now both of my accounts have been blocked. 

I don't know the legal particulars on whether or not its even legal to block someone from the public from a government entities twitter account without good reason, but I'm pretty damn sure asking a simple question isn't a good reason.

What is going on with PD and what is with the heavy-handedness with the community for asking very basic questions?

If you go back to the pre-blocked twitter page of the EPPD you'll see I drew attention to the fact that it says "Keeping you updated on major events..."

What are the ramifications in terms of public safety of blocking people from access to that information that everyone else who didn't get on their black list has?

This city has gotten way to comfortable with secrecy and hiding things from the public. 

And guess what?

Even after I've made this particularly egregious account public, no one within the city's leadership is going to do a damn thing about it.


I feel like the kid that has piojos at school that gives it to everyone else. Apparently someone was blog, for asking if they would be blocked! Seriously, you can't make this shit up.


Thomas said...

You do not put our last post up then again it's your sand box to censor content and to control the narrative on your blog just like David K does.

The Lion Star said...

I sent you an email showing you a screen shot proving that no such thing occurred.

You owe me a public apology since you made this accusation in public.

Thomas said...

Jaime and I sent you back a e-mail saying you post the last comment I made not the one before . You got this one no problem but missed or it got lost the last comment made.Really! Starting to sound like El Paso government and how they conveniently lost e-mails. Geeez!

The Lion Star said...

I showed you it wasn't there. You're free to post it again. Sounds like you just messed up considering all these have posted

Thomas said...

It doesn't matter and do not give a shit.

The Lion Star said...

And yet you posted that comment...

C.D. said...

If you have an old-fashioned party line phone call, and the person you're calling hangs up on you... Is that a violation of the 1st Ammendment?

I don't see how being "unfriended" is a Constitutional issue.

What they did is unclassy, but considering how many people "really" subscribe and read EPPD Twitter feeds, your outrage empowers them and not you.

P.S. If you want to have fun, get an open records request for traffic tickets broken down by race. Take the Black ticket recipients and look at the names of the officers giving those tickets.