Saturday, July 9, 2016

EPPD Chief Allen Makes Divisive, Inflammatory, & Inaccurate Remark Ahead of Peaceful Event

El Paso Police Department Chief Greg Allen made a remark that was inflammatory, divisive, and inaccurate on Friday and potentially made a bad situation worse.

Before I go forward, I realize what I am going to write isn't popular and will likely make me more of a target than I already am.

But frankly, I don't care. Someone has to speak truth to power.

So before we go further, I'm not anti-cop. I'm anti- bad cop.

In fact, we should all be anti bad cop. The loudest voices against bad cops should be the over whelming majority of good cops.

On Friday civic leaders in El Paso held a press conference to discuss the events of the last week, both the unnecessary deaths of two black Americans that were killed at the hands of police and the deaths of police that were killed at the hands of a mad man.

El Paso Police Department Chief Greg Allen made a remark that was not only completely inconsistent with the facts, but it underscores the fact that Chief at least appears to have a confrontational and hostile attitude toward a group of people who will be holding a vigil on Sunday. 

"Black Lives Matter, as far as I'm concerned, is a radical hate group and for that purpose alone I think the leadership of this country needs to look into the this group. The consequences we saw in Dallas are due to their efforts.'' - El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen

You can see a story done by Courtney Schoenemann of KFOX (Channel 14) about the remark:

Frankly in this day and age of access to information, it is unconscionable that Chief Allen is that misinformed about the Black Lives Matter Movement. His comments are potentially dangerous not only to the community, but to his officers. 

BLM actually issued a statement on the shootings in Dallas that Chief Allen should read.

"Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday's attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman,... To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us." -BLM Website

Chief Allen's comments were the exact wrong comments to make, at the exact wrong time to make them, and came from the city's highest law enforcement professional. How can anyone at the vigil (its not even being called a protest) feel safe under Allen's watch when he makes comments that are that hostile toward BLM?

In fact, hostile is the word I'd use to characterize Allen's demeanor throughout the news story. If someone being pulled over by Allen had that same hostile demeanor, I wonder would happen?

Allen's remarks and demeanor reflect negatively upon this community. Meanwhile the Chief of Police in Dallas who is also black had an entirely different and measured tone about the tragic events that unfolded in his city. And he made it clear that the gunman was unaffiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Before the shooting happened there were police walking along side the protestors and DPD was even taking and sharing video of the event.

It was a lone gunman who was deranged and evil. Period.

It wasn't a coordinated attack from a hate group. And anyone who demands accountability for bad officers isn't responsible for the acts of a mad man. It is our civic duty to engage our government and demand accountability. Yes Chief Allen, lest you forget, you work for us.

What I don't understand is why he even went to a press conference if he wasn't going to speak in the first place. Allen had an opportunity to say SOMETHING to the community that his department serves and protects and rather than address the community, he remained silent. That isn't leadership.

And when he does say something, he does the opposite of leadership and makes inflammatory comments that undermine the public's trust.

Thankfully Sheriff Wiles didn't echo his sentiments and in fact disagreed with Allen's characterization. Wiles gave the right message and delivered it in the right tone. It was the kind of thing the community needed to hear.

But where are our other elected officials? Particularly those from the City? The Chief answers tot he City Manager and not all of council, but individually they are all free to express their opinion. I certainly hope that Allen's remarks aren't reflective of what the City of El Paso feels toward peaceful protestors.

Until they say otherwise, Allen's remarks are the only ones from a city official. And that is sad because his remarks are not indicative of this community.

It was a bad person who killed those police officers who stepped up to protect even those who were critical of police. And it was bad cops that killed two black men this week.

We as a community should demand justice and accountability for all the lives lost.


Ouisa Davis said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Jaime!

Thomas said...

BLM is a race hate group plain and simple. Just because your gutless progressive politicians will not stand up,tell the truth and face up to the truth speaks volumes. Jaime two whites and one Hispanic were killed by police in the same time frame as the two Black men were. We did not see your progressive Democratic leadership run before the media and the cameras saying how terrible that was.
BLM has very small support base in America.It is not a ground swell populist movement it mostly covered by the pandering media and pandering gutless progressive politicians.
Jaime you have fallen for the bull shit rhetoric! Blacks are not being hunted by the Police in America in fact the numbers of Blacks wrongfully killed by Police are not a lot higher than those struck by lightening.
So let's get on and ride the stupid train you are trying to promote and use your logic on this. Whites are killed by Police nearly at twice the number of any other racial group in America. So using your logic and BLM Whites are being out right hunted by the Police and it is nothing short of racial cleansing and genocide. Geeez! The reason you do not see a lot of whites out protesting, being violent and burning down their communities is we know we have some real White thug ass holes who provoked a deadly response from the police and get their stupid asses killed.Not rocket science here!
To bad BLM and supporters like you never show up at the real killing fields of Blacks in America and call out the supporters of gangster and thug life style that is causing real slaughter and damage to Black communities across America.
Yes let us only focus on the little mouse in the corner and ignore the four thousand pound Elephant in the room. Let's ignore the facts and not let them get in the way of carrying and telling a false narrative.
Yep real easy to carry your little sign on march all the while protected by the Police you show such contempt for a real show of courage on your part.
Sure Jaime we can all agree if the Police wrongfully kill someone they should be treated and given due process like us but we should not allow a trial by mob rule or the Press.
One other thing Jaime you got wrong and most American do not know. The Police have zero legal obligation or duty to protect any one other than victims or witnesses to a crime. The Supreme court settled this long ago and said it' not the legal obligation or duty of the Police to protect the citizen it is the citizen's obligation and duty to protect themselves, it is the Police's duty and obligation to investigate crime and criminal active. Go and try and sue the Police for not protecting you from the bad guys and see how fast your suit gets kick out the door and down the steps of the court house.
Thank you Chief Allen for telling the truth about BLM.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, Well said. Chief Allen sounds like an "Uncle Tom." Black Lives Matter is perhaps more vocal, militant and younger than the times of Martin Luther King,Jr. However, this group started after the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman.

Instead of calling for Racial Unity and a time to recognize that EVERYONE has this right to the 1st Ammendment, "Uncle Tom" decides to use this time to unfairly smear BLM as a Hate Group.

It is interesting to note that when Martin Luther King, Jr was out marching, he was called a threat to society. In fact, to the point where the FBI sent him a letter urging him to commit suicide. It is found in the "FBI Suicide Letter-MLK." Your readers can google the letter for themselves. It is truly disgusting, led by none other than J. Edgar Hoover--who in his spare time liked to dress in a pink tutu and wear women's underwear. All the while harassing and snooping on African American leaders.

He should be Fired ASAP. If BLM was a Hate Group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, would label them as such. It is ironic that Texas has the most Hate Groups in the USA, yet "Uncle Tom" chooses to ignore them.

It is truly pathetic was is slowly leaking out of the Dallas shooter's aftermath. Photos of the dead shooter--right on the scene. Leaked no doubt by the Dallas PD. A Black man carrying his rifle during the protest, which is perfectly Legal in Texas--being named a suspect and claims by the Dallas PD that they "had pictures of him shooting." Wrong. Now, he has had to go underground with death threats.

El Paso continues to astonish me at such a pathetic group of 3rd rate Officials. From Tommy Gonzalez, to Larry Romero to Allen. The 3 Stooges and the Keystone Cops as the City Council.

I applaud your speaking your voice. You tell it like it is, which is why I prefer to comment on your site as opposed to the other Vendidos. El Pasoan's will probably pile on more scorn but you called it like it is.

Not all Police are Racists, but I absolutely know many who are. Your readers just need to go back over the last 2 years to see example after example after example. Sandra Bland who was pulled over for not using her turn signal--and ended up dead in prison. A guy selling cigarettes in Brooklyn and ended up being choked to death. Freddie Gray put in the back of police van and comes out with a broken neck. The fellow who reaches for his wallet and the Police in MN shoot him DEAD. The list goes on.

Meanwhile, Uncle Tom or the "House N****R" as some of his fellow African Americans refer to him--joins the ranks of Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and other Far Right Fringe groups in condemning Black Lives Matter.

I'm sure Uncle Tom can find another job in another Texas City. They'll love him in North Texas or East Texas for sure.

Thomas said...

Anonymous Augustus Snodgrass
Go hug a thug it's a show of support for"The Hill" and progressive Democrats. Clearly you are not a closet racist. You should be so proud!