Friday, July 1, 2016

Major Vehicle Problem for Valley Residents - #ThanksMaryGonzalez

The Mexican government recently designated the Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry as the location where they will accept import of used and junk cars for sale in Mexico. They have also reduced the number of vehicles they will accept daily at the POE.

Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry (TPOE) is also the largest POE in an unincorporated area along the US-Mexico Border. 

All other POE’s are either in an incorporated town, or are much smaller than the TPOE.

As a result of the policy change by the Mexican government, about 2,500 vehicles are parked along the road in the area waiting to enter Mexico. The line has extended to over 2 miles of vehicles on both sides of the road and has encroached on residential areas. 

Think I'm exaggerating? Well, lets go to the video!

I shot this yesterday morning and it literally took me almost 6 minutes to drive through all the traffic

And the County of El Paso is virtually powerless to help the residents. Just how powerless are they? Well the County can not only not do anything about the traffic, but if someone were to go out there and decide they want to start trap shooting out there, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them because the County doesn’t have the power to restrict the use of firearms in unincorporated areas. 

That sounds safe, doesn’t it?

They have State Representative Mary Gonzalez to thank for that because she quietly killed a bill in the last session that would have given more authority to the county along the corridor from the TPOE to I-10. 

The bill was on the County of El Paso legislative priorities and Gonzalez was pressured by wealthy families in the area to kill the bill because it was in the financial best interest of those families to ensure the County maintains little to no authority in the area.

Had the bill passed, the County would have had the ability to develop policy remedies for the situation, but since Gonzalez killed the bill, the County can’t help the residents and farmers in the area. There's no way for Gonzalez to spin this situation otherwise either. That bill would've given the County the ability to help protect people and property. 

As you can see in the video that I shot earlier this morning, it took me almost 6 minutes to drive through the area just to document the sheer volume of vehicles in the area. The vehicle is virtually impassable for large farm equipment that frequent the area making their way from field to field. 

Since the Mexican government is only allowing 40-80 vehicles through per day, the bottle neck just keeps getting worse and worse. People stay with the vehicles so that they can be moved as the Mexican authorities allow vehicles to cross, but its a process that now appears to take days to complete. As a result, there are a lot of people just hanging out near their vehicles. Trash is already accumulating and it is a matter of time before trash and debris end up in the adjacent fields, causing a potential hazard to people and equipment. 

Having that many vehicles just parked along the border is also a major security risk and a safety hazard for local residents who are essentially being held hostage by traffic in the area. This was also an issue previously in Santa Teresa, but that is in New Mexico and close to two municipalities. TPOE is further out from the metro area. Sources in the media have indicated that there have been fist-fights in the Santa Teresa area because of people trying to cut in line. Lets hope that, or worse, doesn’t happen at the TPOE.

The POE and traffic problem is actually in the part of Fabens known locally as La Isla. There have been efforts by the local residents in Fabens at beautifying and improving the unincorporated community and their efforts will likely be undercut by this situation in La Isla. 

This was a situation that was 100% avoidable but thanks to Rep Mary Gonzalez caving to special interest, the problem is going to get worse before it gets better. 

And what is even more annoying is that I have documented previously how whenever there seems to be a problem in her district State Rep Mary Gonzalez is either no where to be found, or out partying somewhere. 

So where was Mary Gonzalez when her district was facing a problem (because she quietly killed the bill that could've helped prevent the situation)?

At the L & J. Seriously someone really needs to pull her aside and explain to her the optics of her being out partying while her district is facing major problems. 

These are the real world implications of policy choices that are made because of political pressure at the expense of the people. Politics should never come before people. 


On the bright side her office has adopted a portion of the highway in Horizon City for periodic clean-up. Maybe they could do the people of Fabens and Tornillo a solid and adopt roads in La Isla. 

Rep Gonzalez’s office can be reached at (915)790-2299 or (512)463-0613. 


Anonymous said...

Residents in that area? All I've seen are pecan trees

The Lion Star said...

Well then you missed it, although the view could've been obstructed of a couple of them because of so many vehicles. But a couple are clearly shown.

Anonymous said...

You can tell County Government is salivating at using this as an opportunity not to to help this area, but to impose laws and restrictions to residents living in the county.
County Officials hate the farmers in this area. They hate them because they are rich, Republican, and because they won't be bullied by Escobar & Company.
They love to make Lower Valley Republicans suffer, and can't wait for them to be under more County control.

Anonymous said...

Is this an attempt to smear Mary because Vince wants to run for her seat?

Anonymous said...

You ran the stop sign
Parked cars are not traffic

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate women? And yes, we know you love the county judge and Vince's gf, but then, you gotta love the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

Law ?

Let's start with video while driving. Weaving while driving and a rolling stop thru a stop sign. But, the law doesn't apply to him.

Why wasn't the police doing anything about people hanging out or walking all over the road ? Priority was to not offend south of the border!

Oh well, creating empires is more important !

The Lion Star said...

Hahahaha I just saw all these comments and I have to say, you farmers are working overtime to save your girl. You know what you haven't addressed? The real problem that everyone down there that isn't a rich white farmer with land interests is upset about, all the traffic and inherent security issues.

So let me also clear up a few things for you asshats that think you know things but you really don't. You can use a phone while driving in the County. Know why? Because the county doesn't have any FUCKING ordinance making authority. Also, I cleared it with the SO's when I arrived on scene and spoke with them about the issue. Weaving? Lol okay.

What kills me is you asshats more concerned with driving while shooting the video rather than the fucking obvious problem that is occurring.

And as far as "smearing" Gonzalez, let me explain a couple of things. #1 - I was factually accurate in the fact that Gonzalez quietly killed the bill. If you listen to some of the farmers, they acknowledge and praise her for doing so. #2 - Its not like I made up the fact that Gonzalez was out partying at the L&J while her constituents were dealing with this issue. Just like I didn't make it up that she was out partying for Mexican Independence Day when her district was under water because of floods. Or that when Tornillo had a major water crisis she was AWOL for most of the situation. Meanwhile, Perez who you rich white farmers love to bash, was there - actually getting his hands dirty - during all those events.

But Mary shows up for a neighborhood clean up (doesn't actually do anything) and all of a sudden she's a hands-on rep. You guys kill me with your hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

How about how federal law probably applies and a state rep has zero control over it.

The Lion Star said...

How about that isn't even an issue because it's not on federal land.

Federal jurisdiction ends at the port.

Anonymous said...

federal jurisdiction ends at ports huh??? Interesting remind me to tell them that at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint.

The Lion Star said...

That is also federal.

I hate to break it to you but the Feds have no authority there. You're trying to argue that congress regulates parking????