Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mayor Leeser is Right

Mayor Oscar Leeser is right, the budget can be done without raising taxes.

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez is tasked with presenting a budget to council and what he presented called for a tax hike. Mayor Leeser said that he wouldn't raise taxes.

The Mayor should stick to his guns. I think the mayor is hip to the little movida of why taxes were raised last year and didn't need to be and is going to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

But in all of this budget talk, I want to the employees to take note. Remember last year when all of a sudden there was this extra money and instead of giving you raises, they tossed you a bonus. Remember how all the of the city reps and the mayor waxed poetic about recognizing your hard work and excellence?

First thing on the chopping block?

Your raise.

Maybe if your slimy little enanito union rep with stank breath of yours hadn't burned so many bridges with members of council, at your expense I might add, you might have someone who could advocate on your behalf and remind the city reps of the commitment they made to you.

But since he's spent the better part of his time as your union rep trashing members of council on social media and on the microphone during public comment because he wants attention, you don't have the stroke with council that you should have because of him.

Members of council should honor their commitments to the workers of the city of El Paso. Its a slap in the face to the people who work for the city that the first thing you all want to put on the chopping block is their raise.

Tommy Gonzalez has an obligation to the employees he's always throwing under the bus to develop a budget that doesn't raise taxes and honors council's commitment to the employees. If there is anyone that Tommy should be going to bat for in this budget, its the employees.


Anonymous said...

"Tommy Gonzalez has an obligation to the employees"

No he has a responsibility to ALL citizens

JD said...

Same should go about the talk of county commissioners getting a 45% increases competed for he 2.5-3% employees might get?!