Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The GOP Circus & Plagiarism

Every good circus has elephants as a main attraction and this year folks in Cleveland can not only celebrate their NBA Finals win, but they can gleefully cheer, "The circus is in town!"

Here's a not so ironic pic of Jr celebrating killing the symbol of his Party while his dad will likely actually kill his party in this election cycle.

I almost don't know where to start but I guess the obvious choice is Natasha, er Melania Trump's speech on the first night of the convention. Up until her speech the most notable thing about the convention was the fact that it was the least-diverse convention the GOP has ever had. That is backed up by stats by the way. The GOP has fewer minorities as delegates than they have had in the most recent conventions.

Not that there were ever a lot. I mean Klan meetings are more diverse than the GOP pool of congressional interns.

So until Melania Trump spoke I was tweeting a bunch of one liners about how many angry white folks I saw in the audience.

Here are a few of my gems:

I haven't seen that many angry white people since Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

I haven't seen that many angry white people since they recalled Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I haven't seen that many angry white people since the Alamo.

I haven't seen that many angry white people since they canceled Seinfeld.

I haven't seen that many angry white people since OJ was acquitted.

and my personal favorite...

I haven't seen that many angry white folks in an arena since Texas Western beat Kentucky in '66.

For those of you that are pissed right now, calm down. Its not a diverse group of people so keep your tanga on.

If you read this article from the Washington Post, it underscores my point. Twelve years ago there were 167 black delegates at the GOP convention.

This year there are 19. No, not 119.

Just 19.


Okay before we go further, lets understand something. Melania Trump plagiarized a portion of her speech from Michelle Obama. No matter what ridiculous spin you hear from the Trump campaign, or in my case from someone who I thought was a smart guy on Facebook, its plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own.

It has nothing to do with % of work or quoting someone.

People quote other people all the time in speeches. Or they quote books, very frequently the Bible. But guess what, by definition, that isn't plagiarism because its giving someone else the credit for their work.

Frankly, Melania Trump's speech was a bomb save for the portions she jacked from Michelle Obama. Otherwise it was a pretty terrible speech. She missed the mark she was supposed to be aiming at. She was supposed to humanize her husband. But she didn't. She didn't really give any insight into who he was as a husband or a father or any of the other facets of the Don that they were hoping for her to be able to do. Seriously, if you can't tell at least one cutesy story about your husband, even if English is like her 3rd language, you fail.

Trumps kids did a good job of showing that side of him though.

But the bigger problem with Melania's speech being lifted from FLOTUS is the fact that it undercuts two really important things about Trump. First, the thing that appeals to people about Trump is this idea that he's "authentic". That he shirks political correctness and says things the way he really feels. In the parlance of my generation, which is gangsta rap, Melania Trump's "jacking beats" from Michelle Obama undercuts the genuineness of Trump.

The other thing it undercuts is Trumps criticism of Obama. Trump spends all this time telling the American people how bad Obama is and here is his trophy wife jacking rhymes from Michelle Obama.

The Cover

When a negative story comes out, I like to watch the communications staff. I enjoy watching how they try to cover for a situation and breaking down what they put out. Anyone who does communications with Trump needs hazard pay because that shit is a full time job because of the stuff the guy says.

The cover on this has been everything from talking about how beautiful the speech was to invoking My Little Pony and House of Pain.

And you can tell Trump himself helped with the statement because it lmsoynded like his typical word salad.

Actually if you take a deck of cards from the game Cards Against Humanity and shuffled them up, and then randomly drew 10 cards, you could arrange them in an order that sounds like a Trump speech. 

I for one, am surprised they know 90's rap.

The Trumps have done everything except one important thing - take responsibility for it. And that I think more than anything else, is what will stick with Trump.

People forgive stupid shit like this if you admit and move on. But denying culpability for anything has become habitual for the Trump camp. And its a problem for them because they represent the so-called party of personal responsibility.

Yet the Trump campaign has become identified with shirking responsibility for stupid things that are said and done. Trump has refined it to an art form. And because its so nonsensical, he lacks the unity of his own party champions.


Which leads me to the final point. Trump still has work to get his own party to back him. Look the truth is Hillary Clinton is going to have to deal with a revolt from Sanders supporters who will want a roll call vote that they will lose. But that race has always been contested and Sanders just recently wrapped up his campaign. Trump closed the deal a long time ago and STILL can't get heavy-hitters to show up to the convention. None of his opponents with the exception of Christie and Perry have shown up. Most notable conservatives have stayed away from the convention. In the past they at least had big stars who up like Clint Eastwood.

What do you have this election cycle? Chachi, a duck hunter, and soap star? The only previous Republican candidate for president to show up was Bob Dole?

Did the GOP get big-timed by Mr. T, the chamois guy, and the guy who does those tae-bo tapes or what?

Wait, never mind.

That would be far too many people of color for this version of the GOP...No wonder they stuck with Charles in Charge.

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