Friday, August 26, 2016

"Ay Te Wacho" Lou...

There's a reason you never mix sports and politics - because just because you like your player or coach doesn't mean you like their politics.

I'm an Irish fan myself, but how dumb could the organizers of El Paso's Academy for Upper-Crusters be for inviting someone who's made controversial comments about immigrants to a Catholic school on the border?

What's worse, how in the hell does the former Promotions Director for the flagship Spanish language television station KINT Canal 26, Abel Rodriguez, think it was a good idea?

Rodriguez has made a rather substantial contribution to this community's Latino community, even I acknowledge it and I don't much care for the vato or his stooge with the halitosis problem. That is why it blows my mind that he'd be involved in inviting an anti-immigrant Trump supporting speaker to Cathedral's big event.

You'd figure if ANYONE were going to stand up and say it wasn't a good idea you'd figure it would be Abel.

Which brings me to rumored mayoral candidate David Saucedo. A young Cathedral grad who's never run for office before and decides to take a shot at being mayor...where have I seen this movie before? At least with Hector H. Lopez the guy is at least a Democrat.

Saucedo not only sounded pissed about losing Holtz as a speaker in the El Paso Times but he sounded he was trying to have it both ways. On the one hand he sounded like he was trying to distance Cathedral from the coach by saying that they started talking with him before he made the statements at the RNC.

But in the same article he makes the very good point that our community takes a back seat to the conversation of immigration reform and actually implies that Holtz was going to be brought here to debate the immigration issue.

Lets be real, thats not why he was coming. He was coming so that rich people would pay top-dollar to listen to Coach talk about the good ol' days of Irish football and Touchdown Jesus.

The problem for Saucedo is he hurts his own mayoral bid when he's involved in something as controversial as this issue... and he's a supporter of Rick Santorum.

I bullshit you not.

Also, Google the term "Santorum".

You probably shouldn't do it on a work computer though. Fair warning.


Anonymous said...


C.D. said...

Good point. Do you think Pope Francis will do a fundraiser for $250 bucks, flight, and a 4-Star Hotel Room?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, well written, as usual. Incredible! Just when one thought that no one could beat Cathedral Alumnus, Larry Romero, here comes "Jr" Saucedo. He will certainly make a Great Politician. He has already learned how to talk out of both sides of his mouth!

On one hand, he says how Holtz was chosen BEFORE the RNC and Holtz's already infamous words. On the second hand, he goes on his tear about how "the negative, vitriolic response to Coach Holtz....has been shocking and is equally unbecoming."

Jr. wants it both ways, and why not. He was born on 3rd Base and thinks he hit a Triple. Jr. is at least a 4th generation Saucedo locksmith, so he grew up in the lap of luxury. 1. Private school (without worrying how to pay for it---Cathedral: Check. 2. Got to Notre Dame (again, no worries because Daddy is paying. Check. 3. Having to go out and find a job. No worries. Go to work in the family business. Check.

Saucedo has never once had to go hungry at night. Never had to worry about shelter, a job, food on the table or how he was going to pay for his private high school and equally expensive (relative to college costs) college. That he has never suffered any kind of deprivation, causes him to be arrogant and cocky. He is another Millenial, who now feels entitled to spout off.

I'm not sure about the "vitriolic responses" he expressed in outrage. His arrogance and relatively sheltered and privileged life, has made him blind to the realities of Life.

First, he needs to get the "Who is Going to Replace Lou Holtz" situation under control. Then he can run for Mayor. And, before I go on, let me point out that Holtz has said things in the past that have gotten him in Hot Water. Such, as in 2008 when he proclaimed that Adolf Hitler was a "very good Leader." No Kidding. Look it up. Then Brother Nick and Saucedo seem to try and cloud the controversy that Holtz will somehow learn about the Border situation and how there are no walls at Cathedral.

Please. Give me a break. Holtz's speaking fees fall under Level 6, which is worth $40,000 for a motivational speech. + 1st Class Airfare and a stay at a Top Tier Hotel. Say he discounts it down to the next Tier. That is still $25,000 that Cathedral is shelling out. Holtz is not going to go down to the 2nd Ward or walk the mean streets of Juarez/El Paso. He would have been wined and dined at Cafe Central, tell War Stories to the enthralled crowd and then flown back home.

The main connection according to Abel Rodriguez, Brother Nick and Jr. is that Holtz has strong "Notre Dame" connections. I guess they forgot that when N.D. sold out the Sun Bowl, that N.D. also noticed Cathedral's Fighting Irish logo and sued Cathedral in order that "people not mistake the schools and their merchandise." Some people have short memories.

Tomororw, my insights into Saucedo's run for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snod,

Jamie's the one who put up the comments comparing Lou to the Pontiff.

Would the Pope speak for Cathedral for 40K, and dinner at(what we so pathetically in El Paso call) a five star restaurant?


The Lion Star said...

Its Jaime not Jamie.

And I compared their stances on immigration. Was that really that difficult for you to understand?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, a few points of clarification. First of all, I was wrong with the $40,000+ speaking fee that the Washington Bureau charges for Lou Holtz speeches. For 40K, they DO pick up airfare, hotel and the Limo. Cathedral does provide scholarships to 1/3 of their students. I have a problem with Cathedral's mindset in going after Holtz....who last coached at Notre Dame 20 YEARS AGO.

Part of the same "Brain Trust" that asked Larry Romero "to see what he could do to get the speed-bumps installed on Stanton St."

Secondly, I would like to elaborate on Lou Holtz a bit more. No need for me to repeat what he said at the Republican National Convention, its been re-hashed plenty of times here. Holtz's comments were made at a luncheon HONORING Phyllis Schlafly, just LAST MONTH. July, 2016. Not like Holtz did in support of Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Which one can google to get a deeper understanding of Holtz's politics and admiration for an avowed Racist.

For those too young to remember, Schlafly is known as:
1. Opposing the Equal Rights Amendment for women.
2. Quote A from her given at Bates College. "By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don't think you can call it RAPE."
3. She called Roe vs. Wade the worst decision in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court.
4. While working against the ERA, she claimed that the ERA "would force courts to approve same sex marriages and deny Social Security benefits for housewives and widows.
5. At the 50th Anniversary of the UN, she lamented that it should be a cause of mourning, not celebration. The UN is a monument to foolish hopes, embarrassing compromises, betrayal of our servicemen. It is a Trojan Horse that carries the enemy into our midst."
6. She was opposed to President Clinton sending troops into Bosnia, even though a Genocide was going on at the time with Herzegovina.
7. She as an outspoken critic of Activist Judges, such as Anthony Kennedy, whose deciding vote abolished the death penalty for minors. She asked Congress to impeach Kennedy for his vote.
8. An avid supporter of Rick Santorum in 2012 and endorsed Donald Trump this year.
9. Opposes same sex marriage and civil unions
10. Believes the Republican Party should reject immigration reform proposals. Told Focus Today, that is a "great myth" that the GOP needs to reach out to Latinos in the U.S. "There's not any evidence at all that these Hispanics coming in from Mexico will vote Republican."
11. As a follow up to the above "Republicans should be reaching out to more White voters, the whites who didn't vote in the last election."
12. Supporter of Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who is infamous for being against immigration and called Miami, Florida as a "third world country...taken over by thugs and separatists."

Just as a reminder, to Saucedo "Junior." Holtz last served as Notre Dame football coach in 1996, 20 years ago. His speech given while HONORING Phyllis Schlafly, was given LAST MONTH.

C.D. said...


You could compare Lou Holtz with Jesus Christ...

Unless the Nazarene is doing fundraisers, the comparison is moot.

Donald Trump said, but Ghandi said...
Hillary Clinton said, but Einstein once said...

What you expect a retired coach to say, when compared to a lifelong minister isn't in the same ballpark (forgive the Pulp Fiction reference) it isn't even the same M-F sport!

P.S. Does it really matter? I think you're supposed to turn into an "H" sound anyway.

C.D. said...


Lose the Kos Tropes...