Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Little Jesse Gandara Trying to Influence Socorro Special Election

There's a lot you need to understand about Jesse Gandara to fully grasp what a massive douchebag he is.

The first thing you need to understand is his ego. I know a lot of arrogant people in the world. I've seen some really world class egos, but nothing compares to the ego on Little Jessie Gandara. Let me give you an example of just how bad his ego can be.

I went to his trial for bribery. He was convicted of attempting to bribe the Licon family in San Elizario. During his trial, this massive tool saw me sitting in the audience and actually had the audacity to send me a text and ask me to testify on his behalf during the sentencing phase.

Seriously. I have the screenshots of the conversation because I knew they'd come in handy one day. What is hilarious is that when I got the text I asked who it was and at the time he told me "V for now.". That eventually because V for Vendetta and ultimately Vendetta915.

You see Jesse can't shut up about Socorro politics even though his name is now a political punchline. He just can't understand that he's done. Even though his case still stands in an appellate court, he still thinks he has an ounce of dignity.

He doesn't.

But now he's become the "source" for Martin Paredes. The irony is almost comical that a guy who sees corruption in everything like a crazy person who sees Jesus in a potato chip, is now being fed information to allege corruption by someone who was actually convicted of corruption.

So Paredes has begun to echo the narrative created by Jesse Gandara that Maria Reyes was involved in some sort of wrong-doing. The reality is that under the Jessie regime, that council did everything they could possibly do to minimize her ability to represent her constituency. Remember that dumb shit El Paso city council was thinking about doing to prevent people from putting things on the agenda by requiring a certain number of people to go along with it? Socorro actually did that.

And let me remind you, Jesse's big problem with Maria Reyes is that she wouldn't go along with his little schemes like making driveways for regular voters only, having the taxpayers of Socorro pay for Jessie Gandara's little Starbucks fetish, or having the tax payers foot the bill for his and his cronies' legal expenses.

So what Jesse and his cronies decided to do was try to use the justice system against Reyes and make up a bunch of bullshit. Gandara has beef with the sheriff for obvious reasons so he created the conspiracy theory that the SO refused to investigate Reyes. Once he didn't get his way, they created an ordinance that alleged Reyes did something wrong.

Seriously, they made an ordinance. That is the level of abuse of authority that was routine under the Gandara regime.

But since we are talking about Socorro politics, in the next piece I'll expose a little movida about who is trying to run a slate of candidates and why...

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