Friday, August 19, 2016

Socorro Mayor, Rep At-large File for Reelection

Mayor Jesus Ruiz and At Large Rep Rene Rodriguez have filed to run for reelection. 

Both were elected in a special election to replaced the previously disgraced regime that was booted out of office by a judge.

Under their administration Socorro has seen unprecedented growth and millions of dollars in infrastructure projects that benefit the entire Socorro community. 

Under the Gandara regime project work was largely district based and when to supporters and cronies. 

Ruiz and Rodriguez spearheaded an initiative to allow the community of San Elizario to incorporate into its own city. The Gandara regime attempted to annex San Elizario and that ultimately led to the bribery attempt made by Jesse Gandara.

Gandara was convicted and sentenced to 10 years probation. He has appealed the ruling of that conviction with the 8th Court of Appeals who are expected to rule on the conviction soon.

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