Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Its always been an important issue when considering casting a vote, but given the Trump candidacy its been underlined in a big fat Shapie pen that would make even the most ardent chola proud.

When you're an elected official your temperament is important because it shows how you deal with stress and conflict.

Now if you're a work horse and get things done, you can afford to be a little rough around the edges. People will allow for temperament issues with some people if they get the job done. But, its always dancing with the devil when you have a hard time with temperament. It will eventually make you look unstable, contrarian, and difficult to deal with.

That isn't a quality you want in a leader.

Its why Donald Trump is going to get his ass kicked by Hilary Clinton who is a candidate that 60% of the American people say they don't trust. And that tells you a lot about how people look at temperament.

People that have a difficult time with temperament are seen by the electorate as unstable, petty, ego-driven, and in short, fucking crazy.

Those aren't the people you want to see in charge of shit like our nuclear arsenal, bond projects, or tax dollars.

Temperament is going to be an on-going topic for me over the next few weeks because of elections coming up. But also, because of our local leaders and their temperament.

We've had a lot of leaders/characters that have had issues with their temperament in town much like Donald Trump - Dee Margo, Norma Chavez, Marisa Marquez, Eliot Shapleigh, Anthony Cobos, Tania Chozet, Chief Allen, Cortney Niland, we certainly aren't immune from the problems related to temperament by any stretch.

In most cases its not that serious. Its just a case of people that are assholes to the public, media, or staff. But sometimes their temperament creates a public spectacle that hurts El Paso. Sometimes it gets in the way of them doing their job.

Sometimes, it should get in the way of someone voting for them. We'll talk more about that in the coming days when I demonstrate some problems with stability. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

You forgot your friend and benefactor the Judge with her petulant outbursts against anyone who would dare challenge her.

C.D. said...

Crazy Ronnie was going to blow up the world... after the first debate, nobody cared.