Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Socorro Movida

If you think the City Manager position is controversial in El Paso you obviously don't know much about Socorro.

In Socorro the City Manager position has always been controversial and under previous regimes it has been used to dole out favors and do some pretty crappy things. Essentially the biggest problem with the city manager position in Socorro in the past has been the fact that there is no continuity with the position. When one new regime gets elected in Socorro the first thing they wanna do is replace the city manager.

The clean regime that swept out most of G-Unit a few years ago didn't do that. They kept the city manager for the sake of continuity.

But for several years, an ousted city manager has been wanting to get back into the job. Her name is Lorenza Fraire. Fraire is quite the colorful character. If you ask her, she's the campaign genius who put Vince Perez into his seat on Commissioner's Court. The reality is that she never had a single thing to do with Perez's campaign and no one involved in the campaign has ever seen her around the campaign at all.

Any who, Fraire has been relentless in her quest to get her job back. She has been trying for years to get back the job by cajoling or conniving with various members of council and other colorful community members. But this is the first year she has been pretty obvious about her intentions. She is running a slate of candidates for office. She's probably hoping that if she has enough of them elected then she would have the votes to get her back into the city manager's office.

So she has a slate of candidates including Maria Reyes, Jesus Daniel Martinez, and Rodolfo Ortiz, of candidates that she's running. She either isn't very slick, or she doesn't care who knows who here candidates are, but the giveaway is in the filing forms.

As you can see in this example, she's the notary that endorses the form.

Fraire is someone to watch because she was controversial during her time on council and she fired a lot of employees. Apparently it was so bad at one point that it affected the city's insurance deductible from $5,000 to $50,000.

That is a huge impact to tax payers of the county's second-largest municipality and nothing to overlook.

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