Friday, September 9, 2016

Barceleau Backing Bond

Jaime Barceleau is using the bond to further his political career. 

Stevie Wonder can see that. 

It's bad for the district, it's bad for the bond, and it makes the district look bad.

The people in charge of the bond should realize that it makes no sense to have a declared political candidate as a key player in the bond. 

Case in point, Barceleau apparently spoke with multiple elected officials about the bond over the last few days and at least on of them was angered by his pitch because it sounded like a veiled threat by harking back "to the people that elected you". 

It's a bad idea and fixable. But they won't and it's only going to get worse. The tax payers are essentially footing the bill to further Jaime Barceleau's political career. 

Coupled with bringing on Mark Smith, I see the EPISD PAC is off to a GREAT start! 

Yes, that's sarcasm. 

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Anonymous said...

Episd is planning on losing the bond. They have done this before. Start out with a huge number and place it on the biggest election day with the highest voter turnout. They know it goes down in flames, then they run the scare campaign after the loss. The next election will be in May of 2017 and it will pass with incredibly low numbers for turnout and a marginally smaller bond total cost.

Been there, done that.