Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charter School Movida / Anti - Bond People Behind the 8 - Ball

While the EPISD Bond is having some trouble gaining some traction in terms of support, understand that they knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to put in on the November ballot. They know most people that vote are going to vote for the Presidential or at best, vote straight ticket.

So that means they won't be voting AGAINST the bond. All they have to do is identify the people that most often vote in bond elections and make sure they GOTV the shit out of them. GOTV means making sure they actually show up and vote.

The group of people that normally vote in bond elections will be receiving all kinds of attention from the bond PAC, who apparently has a big budget. They were soliciting for people to work for the bond, which means paid block walkers for my buddy Mike to hit all his targets.

You know who those voters won't hear from?

The anti-bond people.


Because they are behind the 8 ball.

No matter how flawed the bond is, and it is, if the only message those voters are getting is to vote in favor of it, they are most likely to vote in favor of it.

The anti-bond people have a lot to overcome. Number one, they don't have a lot of time if they are just getting started now. The pro-bond people have already had positive press and have started working on the campaign.

Hell, you've probably seen the signs pop up over the weekend. Even if you live in the Ysleta Independent School District (because some Steeler fan didn't look at district boundaries).

They've been soliciting for paid campaign workers as well.

There is a political action committee in place. And its well funded, which is why they have the budget for signs, paid campaign workers, a headquarters and likely a couple of pieces of mail going out to voters.

What do the anti bond people have? No money, no organization, no one with campaign experience, a terrible message, and Daniel Lopez - which is almost redundant of me to say.

Lopez likes attention and will likely be the person who will take the campaign lead, mostly because he likes to pretend he knows what he's talking about and will likely tell everyone he should take the lead because he's the only one who has been in a campaign before. Which is likely true, but he got his ass handed to him and was even beat by Manny Hinojosa.

Let that marinate in your brain for a second.

Bottom line is that they have no one that can even identify the bond voters, no money to send mail, make phone calls, or put up signs. And the message they are going with is ineffective and won't resonate.

Any message that hinges on not enough money going to south El Paso when you only have a couple of feeder patterns south of the freeway, neither of which vote very much, its not a winning strategy.

Their message should've been something the average voter across the district can identify with like the amount of money the bond is for, the fact that they are building new building while losing a thousand students a year, a wide-open door to charter schools, etc.

That is where they need to get started, but they are late, broke, unorganized, and lack a leader with campaign expertise. The bond may indeed fail, but not because of anything they are doing.

The Charter School Door

The District is doing a really good job of scrambling to make sure that they quell any conversation about ability of charter schools to gain a foothold in EPISD as a result of the bond. That is how they duped the teachers association to go along with the bond.

And for all the facts the district tries to set straight, there is one dirty little secret not too many people know about.

Charter schools are on the horizon, and we aren't even talking long-term. They are right around the corner.

Don't believe me?

Check out this job posting I came across.

In case you can't read it well, it appears that there is a plan to open 20 charter schools in El Paso, with 4 schools opening as early as 2018.

So the charter school threat is real. Its not made up. Its not a figment of someone's imagine and its not overstated.

Its a very real problem.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, all of the above. Except journalist Lindsey Anderson over at the EPT tweeted that job posting from LinkedIn days ago. And the only other thing I might argue is that shiny new facilities with modern technology and cool classrooms and educational programs like dual language and medical technology plus football and cheerleaders have the capability of competing well against the charters and attracting families. If competition is inevitable, you've gotta spruce up the store and your product. But you know that having successfully helped YISD with their marketing strategy. It's just good business. The crazies and their victim complex may not like to hear it but that's today's reality b