Friday, September 16, 2016


I'd need interns if I was going to respond everything stupid said by the out-of-town bloggers with blogs about me, but sometimes their stupidity floats to the top and I'm forced to deal with it like an over flowing toilet.

Case in point, David K's latest spin around the conspiracy theory crazy-go-'round.

So I'll keep this one short.

David K doesn't live here but seems to think he knows who is involved in what. He's wrong. I haven't made up my mind on who I'm supporting for mayor because the election isn't until FUCKING next year.

Morris Pittle is David K's buddy.

David K's family does business with the city of El Paso so they absolutely have a dog in the fight, no matter how much he pretends they don't. If they didn't, then all his stories about how people complain to his mom about what he writes wouldn't matter.

David K wrote his piece before that in an effort to prevent criticism of his buddy Morris' candidate. I don't fault him for it, but I also don't want to hear him pretend that transparent little movida of his wasn't obvious.

I don't know Saucedo and have never spoken to him. I just know what I have seen of his social media posts, his media quotes, and what he says at the podium from time to time during call to the public. In other words, I know slightly more about him than the average voter.

David K is a Republican. So is Saucedo. I am not. I disagree with those values and I'm not a Santorum supporter. So Saucedo isn't someone I'm like to support. David K just likes to substitute his own reality sometimes when it doesn't fit his scheme.

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manny said...

Pinchi out of towners support the self serving interests of their financial backers! Paredes and David K. If they hate El Paso and America(Paredes) so much butt the hell out!