Tuesday, September 13, 2016

D3 Likely to be Deep Talent Pool

Campaigns are the intersection of timing and opportunity. If any one, or neither, of the two aren't there, your campaign is going to lose.

For Jaime Barceleau this is particularly true. Aside from a major character flaw that will come out during the campaign, Barceleau now has several problems. Aside from being the only candidate in that race that is going to be advocating for a 15% increase in taxes right before his own election, he is also going to be facing younger, more dynamic and talented competition.

There will likely be a few more people to jump in the race but one candidate that joined the race this week and one that will be joining next week are candidates that immediately make Barceleau's chances of winning go from slim to none. 

Cassandra Hernandez-Brown announced her candidacy in a press release yesterday along with a campaign fundraiser announcement - south of the freeway no less!

From her press release:

“I have been fortunate” stated Mrs. Hernandez-Brown “My mother was a young single mom with five children. I come from a family of hard workers that were able to support me and my education, but not everyone has that opportunity. That is why I have dedicated myself as the Deputy Director at Dynamic Workforce Solutions to collaborating with the business community to bring sustainable, higher earning jobs to El Paso. I have a proven record of helping El Pasoans city wide and helping employers recruit, hire and retain talent. There is more to be done and as city representative I am up to that challenge.”

Hernandez -Brown has a Master's in Public Administration from UTEP. 

She is likely going to be backed by the progressive crowd. 

Hernandez - Brown had one little stumble out of the gate, she included the city logo on a campaign piece, so she'll probably get in a little trouble for that one.

Next week another young and talented candidate will announce their candidacy and that candidate will also be a candidate that is going to compare well with the rest of the field. 

So for the first time in a long time District 3 will have some deep talent and voters will have a lot to think about heading in to a likely run-off early next year. 

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It's that time of the year.

Watch the logos!

The "Elect" v. "Re-Elect" Nazis are on the march!