Wednesday, September 21, 2016

EDITORIAL: Temperament is Important ; The Trouble with Tom

Yesterday I wrote about the results of an open record request that showed a police report that chronicled an alleged assault involving Republican candidate Tom Buchino as the alleged assailant.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, which could've been answered but the guy who is clamoring for a debate really only wants questions on his own terms. Sorry Tom, but that isn't how democracy works.

So we don't really know how serious the car crash was or how badly anyone was injured. We don't have any other mitigating circumstances because Buchino won't take an interview. So we are left to make a judgement based on facts.

The facts are you have a Republican candidate who has a very militant posture who has a documented history of resorting to violence when he loses his cool in a tense situation.

If you don't believe me, lets go to the video!

Here is one example of Buchino playing dress-up with echoes of George W. Bush. All that is missing is a big banner that says MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on it. Maybe he should've draped it over the horse from the other video that had his bumper sticker.

Not militant enough for ya?

Okay, how about the time he actually fired is gun in a campaign video? No, I'm not making that up.

We seriously need to ask ourselves if this is the militarized posture we want in this community?


But behind the dress-up and the props, there's a lot Mr. I'm-Not-A-Politician and I'm-a-Straight-Shooter doesn't tell the voter.

I mean aside from the fact that he's a Republican.

What he doesn't tell voters is that he lacks the training that your average patrol officers have in the Sheriff's Department, to say nothing of detectives or veterans of the department. You're required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to have 643 hours of law enforcement training and pass a state exam to be a peace officer in the state of Texas.

Tom Buchino does not have that training. Yes, many law enforcement agencies will hire a deputy or officer off the street and then put them through training.

But Buchino isn't applying to be a rookie cop or deputy or even jailer. He wants to be sheriff but he lacks the experience necessary to do the job. Maybe he has some transferrable skills, maybe. But being a Special Forces Sergeant Major is not law enforcement experience. If the guy went on a ride along he'd learn a lot because he's never had that type of experience. Least of all law enforcement experience in a border community.

So he wants to be the man in charge of a department that manages jobs he has no experience in completing. To put it in terms he would understand, you'd never put an AG Sergeant Major in charge of an infantry unit.


Because experience matters.

And Buchino doesn't have any.


Carl M Starr said...

It may be Texas allows a year to get 643 hours training AFTER being elected a Sheriff of a county.
But also there may be county size exceptions ie in a high population county the Texas code may require the training upfront before filing for Sheriff election.

I have 120 Hours Basic Law Enforcement Certification here in Oklahoma.

Someone with no experience or training could even maybe be a good Sheriff if they had good people around them or a good undersheriff as we call it here in Oklahoma.

I doubt any candidate for Sheriff there in El Paso County can match Wiles record.

C.D. said...

Depends on the record, Bette Midler, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys...