Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun With Pics

I saw a couple of signs that made me chuckle when I was downtown the other day. I took pics of them to save them for a rainy day.

Today happens to be a rainy day.

First up, this edit of the "El Paso" on the County building where people gather for jury duty. Its called Liberty Hall by the way.

Someone REALLY didn't want to be on jury duty!

Also, it wasn't this lady that did it. She just happened to be walking across the frame.

Second...Ain't Nutin' But A G Thang...

Vato, you had ONE JOB!

Someone spelled the Senator's last name with a "q" instead of a "g". I don't know if they've noticed it, but for whatever reason, I found it hilarious.

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Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime....HELL PASO! I believe there is a group's album by the name. Which might be the name of the Mayor's race by NEXT Year, 2017!

BTW, David Saucedo is using Cathedral's email list to email potential donors to solicit support for his campaign.

I always hate the phrase, "after prayerful consideration...I've decided to run." No, God really doesn't think YOU should run. Just as HE doesn't think Notre Dame should win every football game.

It is one's EGO that causes one to run--especially for Mayor of El Paso, which is largely Ceremonial. He also goes on to boast how he was chosen by REPUBLICAN Governor Gregg Abbott how to sit on Texas State Nursing Board.

What experience does Saucedo have in Nursing or HealthCare? Doctor? No. Nurse? NOPE. EMT? No HealthCare Professional? No. Hospital Administration? No! His Primary Qualification is that he is a Republican in El Paso. As I have pointed out in the past, he is "VP" of Saucedo Locksmith. A job handed to him courtesy of his Dad.