Monday, September 26, 2016

Home Girl of the Week

Shame on me for not doing this a long time ago and props to a close friend of mine for pointing it out.

If ever there was someone worthy of public recognition for political work in this town it's my friend Jeannette Walker. 

I first met her 8 years ago when we were both working on the first Obama campaign.

What I admire about her the most is the she is a hard worker and does a much better job of rising above the local party bullshit than a lot of us mere mortals.

Walker works for the Party and its values tirelessly. She's an example to us all and unlike a lot of people active in the party who basically show up to meetings to bitch and moan, she's a worker.

And I admire that. 

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Augustus Snodgrass said...

Nice Props Jaime....It is better to be late than Never to mention or acknowledge someone.