Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mayoral Candidate Announcements

David Saucedo announced his candidacy for mayor recently and the El Paso Times ran a story on it.

You should click on the story to read more about Mr. Saucedo, but there is also cool video on the Times' website of his campaign announcement. There's a part where he speaks about El Paso's history and apparently there was only one person who clapped.

It reminded me of the scene in Coming to America with Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate.

You can see his campaign logo. I don't really understand what the symbol is supposed to convey but there was some thought put into it from what I'm told.

Saucedo's biggest problem is that #1 he's a madre Republican (as in supports extremists like Rick Santorum - did you ever google "santorum" by the way? If you haven't, don't do it from a work computer) and #2 his political input has been to support illegal speed bumps for Cathedral High School, supported Larry Romero, and supported the obscene raise for the City Manager. Thats not the stuff to build a campaign on.

But its early still, so maybe he can get past it.

I'm hearing that Charles Stapler has already informally announced his candidacy for the city's highest post at the Historic Landmark Commission meeting the other day.

No world on when he might be making a formal announcement but its likely that some candidates that have let it be known that they are running for mayor won't necessarily make it on to the final ballot.


Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime...Already Saucedo is off on the wrong foot. Instead of a quiet hall or room, Saucedo is drowned out by the sound of that Home Depot Industrial Fan blowing away in the background.....

Then, he has that same sing-song voice that Larry Romero has, ending every other sentence on a higher pitch and decibel.

Plus, we have the little kid in the foreground excitedly pointing to the camera in wonderment. I would have too if I was 8 years old and attending and event where I was given FREE Water.

Finally, the sound of Saucedo's banner, with his weird logo flapping in the wind, didn't help matters or acoustics.

More on Saucedo (and the others) as time moves forward. I still feel he is too young. Naive. Inexperienced. NOT Seaoned, nor well-traveled. And, working for the family locksmith Co. doesn't really give him insight into the "real working world."

If this is his "Official" Rollout---he needs to get a good campaign team where they can control the setting...not the sound of flapping banners and industrial fans.

Aurelio Campos said...

very jealous you all are. a very wealthy, fourth generation, highly educated hispanic scares the loser mexicans out of their trailers and cheap hyundais. the lily limons and vince perez's are scared.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

If this young man had gone out and earned his wealth on his own, then I would RESPECT him. All he has done is inherit Wealth, ala Donald Trump and then taken the stage and announced his ideas.....All he did was get born into inherited wealth. Job. Connections. Education. Appointment by Greg Abott? What does SAUCE Edo know about Nusing?

Nothing. He's just a Republican in El Paso. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

He has Done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to earn his position. Must be nice.