Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mayoral Race Blurbs

So if you read my buddy David K's blog today he touts Republican mayoral candidate David Saucedo III. 

Thats because his buddy Morris Pittle is part of his campaign team. He didn't disclose that while he was implying everyone else has a dog in the fight. 

It's certainly way too early for me to decide who I'm voting for considering the field hasn't even settled yet. 

Ali Razavi is gonna be Team Dee all the way. That's why he's been doing open records requests between Escobar and Houghton. Forma backs Margo and tells Ali what to ask for. Pretty simple.

Personally I think Sylvestre Reyes is a game changer if he actually jumps into the race. Say what you want about him but he didn't lose by a lot and the longer someone is out of office the more fondly they are remembered. He doesn't have to invest money into introducing himself to voters and he should have a pretty strong grasp of policy. 

He's Chicano, well-known, and probably has access to campaign money. Not like he did before but certainly enough to mount a campaign.

Pittle is working for Saucedo and Pittle did visuals and mail for Reyes in the race he lost. Not sure what - if any - talent is left for a campaign team, but if he got the right team and didn't campaign by committee I think he could be a top-tier candidate.

Especially because he's running against a lot of candidates that are Republicans like Margo and Saucedo. 

Reyes toying with the idea of running mayor is somewhat similar to Dee Margo's candidacy being a sign that Nikand has lost her clout. Only Reyes' candidate underscores what most people already know, Acosta's campaign would be DOA. 

Reyes, and any other candidate with half a brain will campaign against this very dysfunctional council. Well you can't be a member of a dysfunctional council that everyone basically hates and then have the nerve to ask for a promotion and expect to get it if you were a big part of the problem. 

More on the mayoral race soon. Up next, some city council race updates... 

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C.D. said...

Maybe Reyes can get his brother a job, and his kids can get jobs with people who contractors with the city. In a very sleazy but legally appropriate way!