Thursday, September 8, 2016

Only This City Council...

Only this city council would think its a good idea to eliminate free parking in the downtown area on Saturdays.

Downtown is only just now starting to blossom into something potentially really cool and this dumbass city council thinks charging people to park downtown is a good idea.

Take a look around at other parts of El Paso that have more and better, shopping and entertainment options. Show me the ones that charge to park there.

The answer is zero.

This shit is not only incredibility short-sighted, but it underscores the fact that this council would rather find a way to charge you for more shit rather than finding a cheaper way to operate.

I'm telling you, its a matter of time before they find a way to charge us to take a walk in a park that we already pay for.

Unless you're a dog. Then you get a free splash pad you don't have to pay to use.

The one that drove me the most crazy during the debate was the mayor. The mayor told someone who spoke during public comment that if people don't want to pay for parking that "the mall doesn't charge for parking".

Yeah, no shit. And way more people shop at the mall than downtown.

Leaser's a business owner. He doesn't charge people to park when they show up at his dealership. Why the hell would you be trying to draw people to your downtown and think that charging them to park there on a weekend is a good idea? I can understand charging when parking is at a premium, but downtown is a fucking ghost town during the day on weekends.

Way to go council, just when we think you can't get dumber than showing the alley behind the PI when you have an item about unpaved alleys, you never cease to amaze us.

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Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime....Here we go once again. As you said, it makes no sense to give free parking during busy work weeks. But on a Saturday? When everyone is home in their suburban home? Leeser's suggestion that they in essence, go shop at a Mall?

That is his solution? While every other city in the country has a strong push for gentrification, and want people to live downtown and revitalize it--or at least Visit it, El Paso's City Council, is doing just the opposite....aided and abetted by the Mayor. Let's charge some of the poorest people per capita in the U.S. money so they can park downtown.

This is the group that "Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth--David Saucedo" is going to try and manage?

Terrible thought process as usual. That is, until Paul Foster completes his restoration of the Plaza Hotel, and you'd better know right now that he is going to twist arms (in a good way) to get the city to waive the parking fee on Saturdays. You can bet on it.