Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Police Report: Sheriff Candidate Involved in Assault?

Documents obtained through an open records request with the El Paso Police Department indicate that Republican candidate for Sheriff, Tom Buchino, was involved in an assault against an employee of the city's Health Department back in 2011.

Documents can be seen in their entirety here and here.

According to two separate documents the incident occurred on the morning of August 7, 2011 at almost 9:00am.

There was a vehicle crash involving the privately owned vehicle of current Republican candidate for Sheriff, Tom Buchino and a vehicle owned by the City of El Paso and driven by John Charles Mitchell, who worked for the Health Department at the City of El Paso.

The report does not indicate if Mr. Mitchell was in a uniform or if he was in a marked city vehicle so it is unclear in what capacity Mr. Mitchell worked for the Health Department. The report does however indicate that he works for the Health Department and that the vehicle belongs to the city of El Paso.

As you can see in this Crash Report it shows that the accident happened near the address of 5700 Upper Valley Road on the aforementioned date/time. Toward the bottom of the document Mr. Buchino and his wife are identified as the other two individuals in the other vehicle.

There is a separate Incident Report (link above, screen shot below) it identifies the same location, time, date, responding officer, and victim in the report. For some reason, and it was never made clear to me why, some information was redacted in the report, but if you read each report it is clear it is the same event.

According to the narrative of the report (screen shot below) that is provided in the link above, Officer Lopez indicates that the victim stated that after the accident Mr. Bucino allegedly exited his vehicle and ran towards Mr. Mitchell (identified in the report as Victim 1).

Mitchell says he back away from "Of-01", which stands for offender. The report then indicates that "Of-01 then struck Vi-01 on the left side of the face with a closed fist." 

The narrative closes by indicating that "Vi-01 stated that he felt pain and does desire prosecution." However, no charges have ever been filed against Mr. Buchino for the incident. There are no documents available that indicate why charges were never filed in this incident.

As mentioned in a previous post, I attempted to reach Mr. Buchino for comment on a range of issues but he declined to participate in an interview.

To be clear, Mr. Buchino was not arrested and has not been charged with a crime.


Anonymous said...

Interesting but please clean up your writing. Poorly written means difficult to follow.

Anonymous said...

Well written and easy to follow. Great job Lion Star.

Anonymous said...

No wonder he was ducking you. He probably knew you had this report. Sounds like a hot head.

Anonymous said...

We don't need a person who is short temper to run the Sheriff's Department and to protect our communities.

C.D. said...

So if you aren't charged, and there is no conviction... you're guilty?

Let me ask this, has anyone romantically involved with Buchino ever blown their brains out?

Sad stories happen, right?

The Lion Star said...

What? Not sure where you are going with this but I don't know how much clearer I need to be. I was clear that he wasn't arrested or charged.

But things would be a whole lot more clear if he wasn't ducking questions.

C.D. said...

Ducking questions from who? Reporters?

anonymous said...

You are aware that posting this document with both of the parties home addresses is ILLEGAL... correct?

The Lion Star said...

It's a public document.