Friday, September 2, 2016

Shane Haggerty Considering District 4 Run

Ysleta Independent School District Board of Trustees President Shane Haggerty is considering a run for District 4 on City Council. That seat is currently held by City Rep Carl Robinson who is termed out.

Sam Morgan has already made his intentions known that he is interested in running for the seat and Haggerty would join the business owner in the field of prospective candidates.

Haggerty's possible run has an immediate impact on the race for several reasons but mostly because he's a Haggerty running in the Northeast. Haggerty's have done really well in that part of town for many years.

Shane Haggerty is one of the Democrat Haggerty's and has been a member of the fire fighter union for many years. Haggerty recently retired from the El Paso Fire Fighter Department and represents the Parkland area on the YISD School Board.

Haggerty would likely have the support of the fire fighter's union which is one of the few unions in town that is effective in electing people they endorse. It would be tough to see the union endorse anyone else in that race considering he's one of their own.

Shane Haggerty was the vocal minority member of a very disfunction YISD board that was a controversy magnet. Haggerty voted against the majority's effort to fight increased transparency in campaign finance reporting of school board members and would often leave meetings when actions he felt were illegal were about to transpire. Eventually the prevailing regime was ousted and a new board took over that elected Haggerty as the President. During Haggerty's administration the district has seen increase in teacher pay and investment in safety and infrastructure improvements at the campuses.

Since Labor Day is traditionally a day when Democrats make their campaign moves in El Paso, I'd expect to see Haggerty toss his derby into the ring pretty soon.

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