Friday, September 2, 2016

Shocker! Barceleau Throws Hat In Ring for District 3

In a stunning development Jaime Barceleau is running for city council in District 3!!!!!

Just kidding. Its not a shocker. I mentioned it probably 6 months ago.

His campaign team sent out a cryptic email about his campaign announcement last week thinking that they would get more media coverage by being coy about what he's running for.

Unless he was going to stun everyone by announcing that he was going to run for President or Governor of Texas, this really isn't a surprise.

But then again, there's lots of things about Jaime Barceleau that are cryptic. Sure hope he isn't going to rely on this election being about his integrity, honesty, or fidelity.

Because if it is....he's fucked!

Any who, he had his campaign announcement last night. This campaign should be REALLY interesting.

As a candidate for public office, he's now a public figure and therefore, open to scrutiny.

Stay thirsty my friends...

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