Friday, October 28, 2016

Anti-Bond Ad Draws Criticism

A few folks I know that are Jewish called me about an ad they saw yesterday on the bond opposition page. They know very well that I am opposed to the EPISD Bond but they wanted me to see the image. I hadn't seen it until it was sent to me but they feel that the image is anti-semitic - playing on a well known stereotype about Jews and money.

As you can see the image is stacks of money with EPISD Board President Dori Fenenbock's face on them and a play on words calling them "Fenenbucks".

Its not the first time the page has posted an image of Fenenbock on money. Here is one from a couple weeks ago:

I have no idea if this was done intentionally with the thought of being anti-semitic. I don't think the average El Pasoan knows Dori Fenenbock is of Jewish heritage and I don't think a lot of us in El Paso are well-versed on recognizing a Jewish last name.

But I will also be the first to admit that if someone had done something that was a play on a stereotype of my culture, I'd be the first one to lose my mind over it.

Intentional or otherwise, this image comes off as anti-Semitic and the Jud Burgess should apologize and remove the image. The people of El Paso should be voting on the merits of the bond, to which he and I are both opposed, not distracted by something that even if unintentional, has no place in local politics. I'm against the bond and I know a lot of people that are. This doesn't reflect our opposition to the bond and isn't something many want to be associated with.

We are better than that.


Jud Burgess said...

Jud Burgess here (aka James No Bond)

I just posted this as a response to Susie Byrd's ludicrous attempt to gin up controversy:

Susie Byrd's response to my FENENBUCKS campaign.

It's desperation time for EPISD when this is the best response their surrogate can come up with for a quality challenge to their doomed bond.

In fact, Susie, you are the one making into an anti-Semitic “thing” by even bringing that ludicrous notion up.

This EPISD bond is all about THE MONEY Susie Byrd, that's why you have the Fosters, Margos, Hunts, Chamber of Commerces in your dark corner ponying up the big manipulative dollars that set the EPISD, Cabrera, Fenenbock agenda.

We have the people of El Paso, the parents, the educators, the poor in the southside, the neglected in northeast.

Oh, by the way..I don't have an anti-Semitic bone in my body. In fact my family has Jewish and Moorish roots on my mother's side going way back.

Anonymous said...

I say change the name of the buck and the photo.its not a really good marketing tool and this issue is now the story, not the bond