Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Buchino Dwarfs Wiles in Cash; Unions in Big

Republican candidate for sheriff Tom Buchino had a significant advantage in fundraising over incumbent Democratic candidate Sheriff Richard Wiles.

Buchino raised more in one report that Wiles has raised in the entire campaign so far. In his last campaign finance report Buchino raised $40,583 and his total contributions for this election so far are at $58,571.

The El Paso Sheriff's Officer Association and Municipal Police Officer's Association with are both mart of CLEAT contributed $14,500 on this report. When you add that to the $10,500 they have contributed on a previous report, that brings their total investment in the Buchino campaign to $25,000.

That is more than they have ever contributed to a single candidate in an election cycle.

For comparison, the unions gave more to the Republican candidate than the Republican Party of Texas, West El Paso Republican Women, Midland County Republican Women, and the Republican Party Chairman...combined.

In the 30 Day report Wiles raised only $12,740. The total amount of contributions he's raised for this cycle so far is $37,765.33; totals for both candidates are really small considering its a countywide race.

Most of the noteworthy contributions are on Buchino's campaign report.

The Republican Party of Texas actually kicked in a decent amount of money. They almost never kick in a large amount of money into local Republican campaigns so its noteworthy that they did in this election cycle.

Republican women auxiliary contributions aren't a new thing, but it was interesting to see Midland County's organization kick in some money to the Buchino campaign. That demonstrates a certain level of confidence from the GOP in Bucino's chances, however unfounded it may be.

Almost as interesting, but much more inside baseball, was another contribution that I saw on the report from Michael Surratt. He comes from a farming family down in the valley. On the Make Fabens Better Facebook group he had been acting as though he was an objective arbiter for Fabens to get a town hall meeting of the two candidates. Turns out he had given the largest contribution to the Buchino campaign from an individual donor even before they were calling for a debate (check the date).

Ruh-roh, busted!

He's also the guy that says the crime in Fabens is comparable to that of Chicago. Even though that event was likely an ambush, I still think Wiles owes it to voters to have a debate with Buchino.

Since no one in the media is asking, a debate would be an excellent time to bring up Buchino's stance on immigration enforcement. For all the videos he's released, there is no indication on how he stands on that issue other than to tout the family's endorsement of the late Leo Samaniego.

He's even including Samaniego's image on his campaign material now despite the fact that he passed away several years ago.

A couple of other interesting contributions on the Buchino report were from Jim Fashing (used to work at the county) and Yvonne Rosales' (recent District Attorney candidate) law firm - the contribution is in the name of the law firm but not her individually - and several members of the sheriff's officer's union. I didn't add their contributions to the total of the union donations.

Wiles' campaign report showed contributions from the usual political contributors like Enrique Moreno, Ralph Adame, Dusty Henson, Queta Fierro, etc.

Notable contributions included a contribution from Bobby Bowling IV and the El Paso Fire Fighter's Association.


Anonymous said...

The New Chairman of the GOP is very well connected and very well liked among the State Party honchos. Why do you think even National media has covered events like a "debate watching party in El Paso!"
The Texas GOP has money to burn. Always at a surplus! Don't be surprised if they start spending more money in El Paso. They want to, they just need candidates willing to run.

Anonymous said...

"UNFOUNDED" hahaha
Awe, looks like somebody is getting a bit nervous!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you secretly envy you Mr. Surratt in more ways than one, since you think you know him so well. Fabens respects him and we are grateful that he donates time and money to our community. or are you just upset because people didn't wnat you in our Make Fabens Better Group? Ruh Roh

The Lion Star said...

It always entertains me when you guys get so bent out of shape just because I exposed his little plan to ambush a candidate. It's not my fault the guy was trying to act like he was some sort of do-gooder who was trying to be some independent person to arrange a debate.

Which reminds me...Buchino knew about the contribution too and played along! Thanks, I think you just inspired my next piece!

Anonymous said...

The only one who ambushes candidates is you. Fabens was ready to host a respectful debate and is still willing to. Are you just upset because Buchino us ignoring you? Which is a good thing because everyone knows you won't be fair.

The Lion Star said...

Lol how can I ambush candidates? Everyone knows I ask tough and policy-based questions.

Sounds like a lot of crying from you. Whoever you are. Actually I just assume you're Surratt.