Thursday, October 27, 2016

Buchino Shows He's Not Qualified

The boys from the Sheriff's Officer's Association love to tag me on Facebook with updates from the Buchino campaign.

But I happened to see this sponsored ad last night and it crystalizes how incredibly unqualified Buchino really is for the office.

"If our taxes keep going up, then there are no savings!"

That would be a great line if it were true!

But it's not.

That is the Trump-style communication playbook of saying something so ridiculously stupid and simple and hoping people will buy it. Mr. Buchino demonstrates very clearly in this post that he doesn't understand the mechanics of the county budget, much less that of the Sheriff's Office.

First lets talk about cost-avoidance. Mr. Buchino fancies himself a businessman and should understand that cost-avoidance is a savings. Not sure if he actually gets that, but just about any businessman on the planet knows this.

But cost-avoidance aside, Buchino doesn't understand that the county budget is more than just the sheriff's office. Wiles has made cuts that have made tax dollars go further. That is saving money. As I have said before, I have issues with federal prisoners and I have been critical of Wiles for that policy because I think it would save even more money for tax payers, but I also acknowledge that he has saved the county money and allowed his budget to go further.

Now put all that aside.

Buchino's ad counts on the audience to be ignorant. Maybe Buchino doesn't actually know this, but his basic premise for his sponsored ad is the words of Trump...


The county has adopted the same tax rate for the last three years. So taxes - at least at the level of government that the sheriff operates at - have NOT gone up.

In fact, since some property values have gone down and the tax rate has remained flat, some homeowners have seen a REDUCTION in taxes.

Having a fundamental lack of understanding of something as important to the department as the budget should be a disqualifier. It shows he hasn't done his research.

So he's either lying on purpose to deceive voters or he's ignorant to the facts of the budget at the county over the last three years.

Speaking of Buchino - I found it ironic that all this talk about Wiles having an event at the home of someone who has a felony from more than 20 years ago came up because of a dust-up in Tornillo.

Where was the dust-up being the gentleman in question and the members of the union?

At a homecoming parade they weren't supposed to be in in the first place.

Gotta love the boldness of the hypocrisy.

Mary, Mary, Why Ya Bugging'?

That is an old school hip hop reference that probably only a couple of you will get but its funny to me.

Rep Mary Gonzalez posted this endorsement for Sheriff Wiles last night on her FB account:

This was likely a response to a posting by her now-former staffer who left employment with Gonzalez's office earlier this week. Her staffer had left employment from Gonzalez's office the day before this post soliciting people to be paid to block-walk for Buchino.

Speaking of staffing moves, I am going to do a post tomorrow to bring you up to speed on some staffing changes of a few different local elected officials because there have been some interesting changes.


Audra Tellez said...

Bahahahahahahah������������������Well played Jaime! Glad I was able to stay out of your blogs until I was no longer affiliated with HD75! There really is no reason to explain myself but to give a little insight. I posted that only because I knew how many of my friends are currently looking for work to get them through the holiday season, most are students. Work is work. And if I can help someone attain a job even a part-time one I will do so. You'd know the person I am if you took time to meet me. It wasn't to reltaliate or none of that nonsense! My Facebook is just that...mine for me to post, network, advertise or simply keep in touch with those miles away. So since you have had no other reasons to worry about writing about me prior to my departure then I did I guess I did a great job of doing my job!
Happy Trails!

The Lion Star said...

So what I wrote was accurate.