Wednesday, October 5, 2016

EPISD Has To Be Honest With Seniors About Tax Freeze

One of the strategies that the pro-bond people are utilizing is telling senior voters that if they are 65 or older, that their taxes for the bond won't go up if its approved by voters. I know because I did the same thing with the YISD bond.

But they have to be completely honest with voters otherwise they are just preying on seniors that don't know the full story. (We - my block walkers and I - made sure we were completely honest with voters when we knocked on their door for the YISD bond.)

They should tell them that their taxes CAN be frozen and won't go up, they shouldn't tell them it WILL be frozen and won't go up.

If they haven't gotten the door knock yet, they likely will very soon, and probably some mail as well, that will tell seniors to vote yes on the bond and their taxes won't go up because of their age.

But that isn't true.

Unless and until those eligible seniors take the step of contacting the Central Appraisal District and apply for it, their taxes are going up.

The way the pro-bond PAC has been framing it to seniors it would be easy for them to think it happens automatically.

Well it doesn't happen automatically and the pro bond people aren't divulging that information to voters. If you don't take the step of going to CAD for the freeze what will happen is you'll vote for the bond and your taxes will in fact, go up.

So what you are going to have is a district people already don't trust, telling seniors their taxes won't go up and not telling them they have to actually go to CAD to make it happen, have a bunch of upset voters after the election when their taxes go up.

These folks are on a fixed income, you have an obligation to be completely truthful about the tax freeze, its just the right thing to do.

Also, they should make sure that seniors don't think all their taxes are frozen. Its just the school district portion of their tax bill, although the EPISD portion of their tax bill is by far the largest.

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