Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurd Enough

In one of the most competitive congressional races in the country Texas District 23 Congressman Will Hurd has finally tried to put a little daylight between himself and the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump following his comments about grabbing women by the genitals.

That is commendable, but too little, too late.

And frankly, the only reason he is doing it now is because Trump is tanking and he's likely to take Hurd down with him.

The fact that Hurd has been so silent on his party's nominee's rhetoric is reprehensible when you consider the people of District 23.

The district is almost 70% Latino. When Trump was making disparaging remarks about Mexicans and immigrants - silence was Hurd.

When Trump implied that a judge wasn't qualified to hear a case because the judge's parents were Mexican - silence was Hurd.

Congressional District 23 district has parts of two major military communities (El Paso and San Antonio) with over 45,000 veterans. When Trump mocked those in uniform and POW's - silence was Hurd. The deafening silence from Hurd on Trump's remarks is even more significant when you consider Hurd is a veteran himself.

There are 99,170 Texans with disabilities in District 23. When Trump mocked the disabled - silence was Hurd.

Congressman Hurd is a member of the Information Technology Subcommittee. Now that news has broken that the Russians have been involved in hacking an American political party - silence is Hurd.

Hurd is also a member of the National Security Subcommittee as well as the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee. When Trump went on television and invited the Russians to commit espionage by influencing the American political system - silence was Hurd.

Unbelievably, Hurd waits until he realizes that yet another damaging statement from Trump was made in order for him to finally distance himself from Trump just days ahead of the start of early voting.

Women make up 50.4% of the electorate in his congressional district. And the congressman is finally Hurd...just days before early voting starts. Hurd is touting the fact that he's the first Texas member of congress to call for Trump to drop out.

Hurd's recent statement says that he "cannot in good conscience support or vote for" Trump.

Interestingly he comes to this revelation just days before early voting. The timing of his statement leads me to believe that when Trump said bad things about raza, POWs, the disabled, and spoke highly of Putin and Russian espionage in the United States, Hurd must've thought Trump was still someone Hurd could "support or vote for". After all, he was silent when Trump made all those statements.

Javier Gamboa of the Democratic Congressional Committee stated it best, "Will Hurd's desperate and politically-calculated maneuver to try and save his political career comes way too not bravery, is not principled, and it is not worthy of Texas voters he's supposed to serve."

So Re-Pete after me, we've Hurd enough!

Pete Gallego is the clear choice in District 23.

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Anonymous said...

Hurd never actively supported Trump and was the first of the Texas delegation to call on his to step aside. Meanwhile, according to the Texas Tribune, Gallego was actively engaging Trump supporters, despite their "Deplorable" status.
Hurd cares, has passed numerous Bills, and has visited areas of El Paso that never heard of Pete. How many bills did Pete pass?
Do you care about the constituents? Or all you care about is having someone with a (D) after their name?