Monday, October 3, 2016

Mayoral Rumblings...

Take this with a grain of salt because its just things that I'm hearing and not anything that I have had a chance to independently verify but these three things have been floating around so I thought I'd mention them.

Buyer's Remorse -  Word on the street is that Mayor Leeser is having a little buyer's remorse about not running for re-election. I've heard this rumor since they day he let it slip that he wasn't running for re-election. And this rumor has had a ton of different incarnations - everything from lamenting about it aloud, all the way to reconsidering his decision and getting ready to announce that he is going to run again. I don't know if that is true or not, but there are several rumors about Mayor Leaser's decision circling around El Paso politicos.

Mr. Robinsons' Neighborhood - A couple of friends of mine went to a meeting in the Northeast this weekend and Robinson and Mayor Leeser were in attendance. According to the people in attendance, Leeser all but announced Robinson's intent to run for Mayor. Robinson is termed out and currently represents the Northeast on city council. I don't know that I'd call this a rumor considering it was from eye witnesses but they also indicated that Robinson neither confirmed nor denied any mayoral plans. If Robinson has mayoral aspirations (and its an IF until we hear otherwise), he would joined his colleague who is also termed out, City Rep Emma Acosta as a candidate hoping for a promotion. Interestingly the two members of council vacating their seats because of term limits will be opening the door for the most-contested races in recent history. The winners of those seats will shape El Paso probably more so than whomever wins the mayoral race.

X Marks the Spot - Word on the street is that community-type mayoral candidate is thinking about entering the race for the city's executive post. The candidate has tons of street cred, has a pretty good squad of organizers, but as with any candidate, the question comes down to campaign financing. More on this later as/if it develops.

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