Monday, October 31, 2016

Staffing Moves

There have been several staffing moves of interest lately so I thought I'd bring people up to speed of the staffing changes that I know of.

The first one is Audra Tellez. She is no longer with State Rep Mary Gonzalez's office. She got bent out of shape over a piece I wrote about the fact that she was asking for block walkers for a Republican candidate. If she thought that posting something like that wasn't going to put her ex-boss in a tight spot then she's pretty politically naive. No one twisted her arm to post it but she had the nerve to get upset about it. I'm not sure how she figured that people not knowing she wasn't with Gonzalez's office anymore but still posting about a Republican candidate wasn't going to get noticed by Mary fans was gonna happen, but several Wiles supporters from the valley weren't happy about it and thats how I found out.

SIDEBAR: This really goes for anyone that takes issue with anything I write. Next time you take issue with something I write, I'm the person you need to talk to, not anyone else. No one is responsible for what I write but me. (915) 694-5714 or if you have an issue. 

I stand by what I write and have no problem talking anything I write over with anyone who has an issue with it. I don't use a fake name or anything and I make my contact information public.

The next one is LarryJohn Porras. He went from State Rep Cesar Blanco's office to State Rep Mary Gonzalez's office. No word if there were any draft picks involved in the trade or any salary cap issues, but LarryJohn is a good guy and smart. He's totally worth a couple first-round draft picks if it was part of the trade deal. 


Moving on to the City of El Paso - City Rep Jim Tolbert is losing one of his staffers, Chris Hernandez. He is going to be leaving Tolbert's office to run David Saucedo's campaign for mayor. Hernandez ran Tolbert's campaign for City Council and managed to win that seat without a run-off despite having a crowded field of candidates.

He will join Ernesto Bustillos who is doing some work with Saucedo's campaign from what sources have indicated. Bustillos worked with one of the candidates that was challenging Tolbert for his council seat in the last municipal election. 

Chris Hernandez and I may be the last two people in El Paso that want to see Tony Romo in the huddle for the Dallas Cowboys. But only one of us is a Cowboy fan...

City Rep Peter Svarzbein is losing a key staffer as well. Alex Duran, who also ran his campaign for office leaving to pursue another career opportunity. He's been offered a dream job. Can't fault a guy for leaving politics to go sell beer for a major company. Duran will be a hard guy to replace for Svarzbein because he was a good staffer. Smart, low-key, and politically savvy. Ernesto Bustillos also worked on the Svarzbein campaign. 

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Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Ernesto Bustillos screwed over that last district 2 representative candidate. I would not trust that guy at all.