Thursday, October 6, 2016

Teaching David Karlsruher A Lesson

So my buddy David K wrote yet another piece on his blog about how I am allegedly involved in a grand scheme to elect a mayoral candidate. If you haven't read that piece, stop what you're doing and click here so you can read it. Otherwise the video below will make no sense to you.

He's convinced himself that there is a plot in place for myself and others to run a candidate for mayor. Here's what you have to understand about David K, the truth doesn't matter to him. He just wants anything that will support his narrative. Supporting his narrative is what is important to him.

I found out about the post because someone sent me a text and asked me who I was running. He told me he saw it on The Juice, so I went and checked it out. It annoys me when he does that because we've known each other for going on 10 years and if he'd just ask me, I'd tell him whatever he wants to know.

So I sent him a text and told him basically that it was well played. He wrote a piece he knew was utter bullshit but he included a line to give him cover when it came out that it was bullshit. And then he would turn around and write a piece about how it was planned, but it was scratched because he wrote about it.

Thats the world he lives in.

As you can see if you click here, he was so adamant about his narrative of a plan for me to run a mayoral candidate that he even did the rare two-blog-posts-in-one-day thing.

This time David K exposed our plan!

He went into detail about how we were going to use the Democratic Party Machine in town to finally elect a mayor!

He named names!

His sources are amazing!

Just kidding. He was catfished!

Click play and you'll see how I taught him a lesson about writing things that are not true.

Now he and the silly fools in his comment section can have lots of fun.

Class dismissed bitches.

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Anonymous said...

too funny. you got him good, Jaime.