Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump, Buchino, & The Mayor's Race

A few things to cover so I wrapped them into one post.


Look, you all saw the video and heard Pussy-gate. He's imploding and lost a lot of support from GOP leadership. Since people got mail-in ballots last Friday, I thought Hillary Clinton missed a real opportunity to deal a death blow to Trump by going after him in the debate and making him lose his shit completely.

I mean more than he did on his own. But she didn't and Trump was able to act like a fool, which is just the kind of stupidity that his basket of idiot supporters like. And instead of the Party just completely abandoning him and leaving him to hang out to dry, Hillary's lack of a death blow gave Trump an opportunity to try to find his footing again.

People have ballots already in some states, including Texas. Its too late for the GOP to try to get another candidate. Had she dealt the death blow Republicans all over would've been screwed.


I'm anxiously awaiting the campaign finance reports so that I can see how much union dues was blown on a Republican with no hope of winning. I'm betting the El Paso Sheriff's Officers Association is AT LEAST 80% of his contributions, if not more.

If you take the total number of union members, hell lets be generous, take the whole number of DO's, deputies and civilians working for the Sheriff and divide Wiles' win number by that amount and you will learn that the EPCSOA has to get an astronomical amount of voters out per person to pull off an upset.

So as I have said to a couple of people, I don't see Buchino winning a single precinct south of I-10 from Downtown to Tornillo.

But hey, those stickers amirite?

The EPCSOA has the best sticker distribution system this side of Abundant Living, EXA, and My-Kid-Is-An-Honor-Roll-Student.


At this very early point in the race it is essentially between Dee Margo and Emma Acosta. I realized that Acosta was low-key shrewd about the races she's been in. She's always been smart enough to have little to no competition for each of her campaigns. This is by far the biggest race she's ever attempted to run and she's gonna have to work for it.

And its WAY above Dora's pay grade so it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.


Anonymous said...

Chente Quintanilla, Socorro Police Chief Vega n the the looney tune gang called the Little Rascals better know as Lupe Alcala, Hector Lopez n company or better yet Chentes cronies have Bochino thinking he can win. Chente himself lost Tornillo during the elections his hometown. He and his family want to run the school board, the water board, and the church only for self gain. Todo para Chente its very sad. We need Chente n the Quintanillas out of political office for good. He never did anything good for Tornillo.

Anonymous said...

Chente Quintanilla spreads rumors that Sherrif Wiles hangs out with drug dealers. Im glad that gentleman stood up for himself and his family last night on Kvia. Chente n most of Quintanilla family/friends are a dirty mob. Chente Quintanilla is so low that his mob attends mass and they tell people not to put money in the collection basket because the Priest doesn't obey Chente. They even stooped so low as to boycott the church Fiesta. All of Chentes family and friends work at the school because they own the school board and the ones that pay the price are the students. This is a man that is going straight to hell and is taking his buddies with him. Angelica B.

The Lion Star said...

Angelica B.

I didn't post your last comment because there was no information included in the post to substantiate what you alleged. Since what you alleged was very personal in nature and involved marriage and not policy, I think you need to have proof before you make that kind of allegation.

If you have proof, by all means send it to me. But if not, I'm not going to allow that kind of personal stuff. Criticize on policy all you want, but family and marriage are out of bounds unless you've got proof its legit and can show why its an issue the public should be concerned about.

I appreciate you reading, but I don't like when people say bad things about me that are unsubstantiated so I won't allow it when people do it to others on my blog. Again, if you have proof, that is a different conversation and you are free to email me so we can discuss it further.



Anonymous said...

I see what you did there.