Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why I'm Voting for Artalejo

I mean this with all sincerity, unless a better candidate gets in the field, I'm voting for Jorge Artalejo for Mayor.

The reality is I don't see anyone else worth voting for right now.

Dee Margo - A Republican that doesn't reflect the values of this community who has voted for a lot of bad things, most especially huge cuts in education.

Emma Acosta - She has huge problems with transparency and has to wear her support for the City Manager and her defense of Romero all over herself in this election.

Carl Robinson - He wouldn't confirm or deny the fact that he's running. Which means yes, he's running. Because if he wasn't he would've said so. Mayor Robinson...Jesus, really?

David Saucedo - Never ran for anything before and he's most notable for trying to bring Lou Holtz to El Paso after very controversial remarks at the GOP convention and for going to bat for the city manager.

The Rest of the Field - Yawn.

There's really no one to vote FOR. There's people to vote AGAINST, but not really anyone to vote FOR.

Since no one appears to have any meaningful direction or plan, they are essentially all alike to me. Since they are all alike and it doesn't really matter which one you elect, I figure it's time to cast my ballot for Jorge Artalejo. Hell, when you think about it, he's had as much of a positive impact on El Paso as anyone else running.

If it weren't for Artalejo, Sergio Lewis would still be commissioner. But because Artalejo pulled a pretty significant number of votes in a couple of precincts, it kept Lewis under 50% and forced a runoff that David Stout eventually won by a couple dozen votes.

Hell, I may even help Artalejo. I think he needs a catchy slogan, cuz ya know, that's what matters, amirite!

How about these:

Jorge Artalejo...cuz council is cray-cray anyway!

Jorge Artalejo...what do you have to lose?

Jorge Artalejo...cuz why not?

Fuck it....Jorge Artalejo!

Jorge Artalejo, cuz if Trump can be President, why can't he be mayor?

Jorge Artalejo...how much worse can it be?

Jorge Artalejo...it's his turn.

Jorge Artalejo...cuz even the Red Sox eventually won the World Series again.

Jorge Artalejo...c'mon, it'd be fun.

Jorge Artalejo...wait, what?

Jorge Artalejo...no worse than the rest.

In all seriousness, I've known Jorge for several years and he's a nice guy with a good sense of humor.

And yes, I'm serious, I'm voting for him unless something changes.

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