Friday, November 4, 2016

Republican Candidate Buchino Admits to Assault

Republican candidate for sheriff, Tom Buchino admitted to an assault that was outlined in a police report I posted earlier in the election cycle. The admission came during an interview on News Channel 9 with Estefanía Seyffert that aired during last night's news broadcast.

"I didn't hit him very hard, but nonetheless should I have done it? No." Buchino admits during the interview.

I conducted an open records request earlier in the election cycle and found the police report detailing the assault. I wrote about the alleged incident in a previous blog post.

The concern I raised in my previous post was about Buchino's temperament. In fairness to Buchino the incident followed a car accident in which he says his wife was seriously injured and couldn't wake up. He says in the news story, seen in its entirety here, that he yelled for the man he assaulted to come help.

So that story actually concerns me even further about Buchino's demeanor during stressful situations. It tells me he doesn't keep his eye on the ball. If his wife wasn't regaining consciousness, which we all would agree is a stressful thing, why the hell is assaulting another driver the priority instead of providing first aide to his wife?

That doesn't begin to make any sense.

The news story last night also highlighted comments about three female deputies that needed extra opportunities to qualify with their weapons. Buchino stated that as sheriff they would be working at Walmart.

Law enforcement officers are given many hours of training on how to deescalate a situation in order to ensure the safety of the officer and the community. This situation underscores the need for Republican candidate Buchino to take the basic training that deputies receive as law enforcement personnel.

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